My latest gadget purchase is the Creative TravelSound 400. I bought it so that I have speakers for my iPod and my friends’ mp3-players when we’re going to a festival next week. Speaking of which, I’m leaving in 5 days and won’t be back untill July 9th.

Creative TravelSound 400

Since I’m not an audiophile, I’m pretty satisfied with these speakers. However, people with more sensitive ears than me, have mentioned that the sound isn’t the best when listening to music where there’s “a lot going on” like metal. Bob Dylan’s music on the other hand, sounds great using these speakers. Good thing I’d rather listen to folk than metal…

I had read up on the speakers before buying them, and one of the things that was mentioned in all of the reviews was how compact and portable TravelSound 400 was. Still I was shocked when I first saw it in the shop. It was tiny compared to how I expected it to be. Measurements are 15,7 x 4,1 x 7,1 cm to be exact. In addition to a stereo-to-stereo cable, you also get a cute travel pouch in the pack.

Besides the cute travel pouch and the size, I like that it is possible to rotate the speakers 180 degrees. TravelSound 400 is very simple. As you can see, it only has four buttons on the front: On/off, volume down, volume up and the wide stereo effect button. The last mentioned button is another thing I like about the speakers. When using this function, the sound becomes better and seems more spread out.

I recommend these speakers if you want something small, simple and last but not least, cheap. They cost $71.95 over at Amazon. Mine were actually cheaper, but if you combine shipping, the cost is about the same.

Blackberry 8300 CurveNo, not finally is the BlackBerry Curve here, but FINALLY I can blog about John Mayer without feeling guilty about it. But first I should talk a bit about the smartphone, I guess. Blackberry 8300 Curve is a phone that has both the beauty and the brains. So it’s a work-phone, but it doesn’t look like one, and it can do much more than just get you through a day at work. On Curve’s website it says that it’s the smallest BlackBerry ever to have a full QWERTY keyboard. In this small thing, you will not find 3G or a video camera, but there will be many other media features such as a media player, 2MP flash camera, EDGE, stereo Bluetooth and a microSD-card slot.

Wow, the phone really does sound awesome when you combine all those features. However, I’m not that interested in it since it will be too expensive for me, and I don’t really need all those features anyway. I’m happy with my little SE Z550i…

So back to the real reason why I’m blogging about 8300 Curve – it’s an excuse to talk about my favourite artist, John Mayer. John has mentioned several times that he’s a devoted Blackberry user (and an Apple lover, but that’s another story), so it was no big surprise when Blackberry was announced as the sponsor of John’s summer tour this year across the US.

John Mayer holding Blackberry Curve

In addition to sponsoring the tour, the folks over at Blackberry have also set up a website for him with tour dates, pictures and a video clip where John talks about his tour and what his Blackberry means to him.


As some of you might know, I’m in the middle of my exam period right now. I’m having a week off, so I thought I would make some time to blog here. What have I been up to lately? I’ve been studying a lot. I’ve finished 7 exams and have 7 left! Yay. I can’t believe the end of high school is so near. What else? Facebook! Yup, I’ve been bitten by the Facebook bug as well. I spend a ridiculous amount of time there considering how little I actually do when I’m there. I have a couple of things that I do over and over again (e.g. check news feeds and group postings).

So Facebooking is one thing I’ve started doing thanks to the oh so fun bandwagon. Another bandwagon I’m jumping on is the blogging-about-the-enviroment one. Mind you, I’m not going to tell you how using dark coloured layouts is going to save electricity and hence save the rainforest ( 😛 ), but I thought I’d share an interesting chart that I found over at Geeksugar. It’s a chart made by Greenpeace showing which electronics manufacters are the greenest.

Guide to greener electronics

The list:
1. Lenovo
2. Nokia
3. Sony Ericsson
4. Dell
5. Samsung
6. Motorola
7. Fujitsu-Siemens
8. HP
9. Acer
10. Toshiba
11. Sony
12. LGE
13. Panasonic
14. Apple

Even though I keep talking about how great iPods are, you should maybe think twice before buying one. Here’s what Greenpeace has to say to Apple: Green my Apple. But I’m sorry, I will never buy a Lenovo just because the machines have good quality and the production of them is enviromental. They are just so ugly. I just don’t get why people have to make ugly computers. It can’t be that hard hire a designer… (This was a rant I was going to start in another post, but I’m being efficient, so I’m merging the rant-post with the eco-post making it the rantico-post).

World66 generates a map for you that shows where you’ve been in the world. I’ve visited more or less eleven countries and that corresponds to 4% of the countries in the world (I drove from Norway to France once, but I was only 2 years old, so I’m not going to count all the countries we drove through).

Here’s my map:

Where have you been?

I recently got some money into my Paypal account and decided to go on Ebay UK and buy something. I’ve been browsing the site for a couple of weeks now, looking for something interesting and bidding on random auctions which I ended up losing. I’ve discovered that if I’m ever in need of some money, I could sell parts of my stamp collection as people seem to be interested in that.

One day I decided that the perfect thing to buy on eBay would be a Polaroid camera. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while now, so the search began. But sadly my luck in winning auctions is apparently non-existent, so I gave up pretty quickly and spent the money on buying a CD instead…

Polaroid One600 This is the Polaroid One600, and it’s the only instant Polaroid camera that I know of that can be bought where I live. The thing about Polaroids is that the cameras are not that expensive themselves, this one is only $34.99 at Amazon, but a pack of 20 films generally costs around $20.

After a while I reckon it would be more profitable to just stick with your digital camera and give your pictures the polaroid-look by using the Hockneyizer:

Polaroid made using the Hockneyizer

The iPhone hasn’t even hit the stores yet, and it has already received tons and tons of publicity. It’s time for me to jump on the bandwagon in my search for an iPhone alternative. There are a couple of things identifying the iPhone, so what I will be looking at is how a couple of cellphones compares and if they can offer the same. Do they have a…:
media player? iPhone is also a wide-screen iPod so it offers the same functions as iPods.
photo album and camera? It has a 2MP camera which takes pictures and records videos. It also has a photo browser and editor.
breakthrough internet device? It uses an HTML Safari browser, has email and instant messaging.
touch screen? The iPhone uses a multitouch technology and has a 3.5 inches screen (320×480 pixels) with 16M colours.

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Laptop sleeves


This entry is about laptop sleeves. They have gotten rather popular lately and I have one myself because it’s so practical. I don’t need the bigger laptop bags with handles on because I just want to have the laptop in my backpack anyway.

While I have an Incase Burgundy Neoprene Sleeve for my laptop, there are several nice laptop skins out there that might suit you better. Incase make many simple and high quality sleeves that you should check out.

An alternative to the Incase sleeves are be.ez’es LArobe sleeves. They are not that expensive either and I like them more becaue the colours are fresher. It should be noted that both the LArobe and Incase sleeves are custom designed for iBooks, Powerbooks and Macbooks (Pro), so if you’re laptop is a bit bigger, you might have to go up a size.

be.ez LArobe

Ollie & Nic make loads of fun and cute bags and accessories for both men and women (though mainly for women). So when they made Gladys Laptop Case, it also turned out fun and cute of course. The only bad thing I’ve got to say about it is that it only comes in one size which should exactly fit a 15″ laptop.

Gladys Laptop Case

Three more sleeves to ckeck out: here, here and here.

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Surpass Hosting are having this great promotion where you can get any shared hosting plan for $1 for one year! I’m seriously considering to get it, but then again I really like having a blog here at as well. If I were to move my blog, I’d have to get a domain, and right now I have no idea what that would be. Or I used to have a domain called for this blog, but I’m open to suggestions from you guys.

Surpass Hosting's One Love promotion

Surpass Hosting’s promotion is really jaw dropping. I thought their previous prices were low (200GB space and 2000GB bandwidth for $60 a year), but now you can get any plan for for $1 for one year! Yes, I know I’m repeating myself here, but it is quite amazing. You can get 200GB space and 2000GB bandwidth for $1 a year, or 800GB space and 6000GB bandwidth for the same price! As far as I know, this does not include a domain name.

I haven’t mention yet how awesome I think the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle is and it has already gotten even more awesome. It’s now available in pink, green, blue, orange (!) and the grey which was the orignal, while the price and specs are still the same.

iPod Shuffle

Now wouldn’t this have been the perfect Christmas present?

(Damn it, that title is going to give me more spam.)

Happy '07

Right now I’m in the process of applying to colleges and universities around the globe, and it’s so stressful. Some schools want me to write three essays! Like I don’t have enough homework. So I thought I could kick the new year off with a entry about some inexpensive stress relievers for those of you who can’t afford to spend money on vacations or expensive spa treatments.

A common thing that happens when people are stressed, is that they get tense shoulders. Something inexpensive that can improve tense shoulders is a Mini Massage On The Go (Slogan: “Massage anywhere!” Wow, really?). It’s cute, it vibrates, and yes, it comes in pink as well (and green and purple).

Mini Massage On The Go Rip Apart Ref
Stress can also come from frustration. If there’s someone bugging you, and you don’t have a voodoo doll of them, try the “Rip Apart Ref” referee doll instead.

On to more high tech stress relievers:
Eyezone Massager Orgasmatron
– The first device is named “Eyezone Massager” and it’s supposed to “revitalise your eyes and banish bags, pain and puffiness.” Sounds kinda cool, eh?
– The second device is an “Orgasmatron“. I don’t think it’s anything nasty about it although one of the customer reviews mentions that it’s “Very effective during foreplay.”… The Orgasmatron gently massages the pressure points on your head and on the back of your neck. I think I want one of those…