The new iPod


Old news – I know. It came out like what, 3 days ago? But still, some news travel slow. Not these ones however. That’s why my blog isn’t a news blog. It’s just me rambling on about pretty cool things that I like. By now (my third entry), I’ve figured out that everything I’m going to post here concerning gadgets, will also fall in the “Wishlist” category. I can’t help it. I see a handy thing, but don’t like it too much = I don’t blog about it. I see a shiny object that I adore = I want it and blog it.

And my newest addition to the “Wishlist” is the new iPod. It’s amazing. I mean to be able to watch The O.C. or Veronica Mars on my iPod on the way to school is priceless!! I would be in heaven. I might get it. Truth to be told, I was getting an iPod last year when I was in the States. My parents actually suggested it since it was appearently so much cheaper there. But anywhere we went it was sold out, so it never happend. I didn’t say much more about it though because I already had an mp3-player, and I didn’t really need an iPod that much. Today the situation is totally different. My mp3-player is history, I’m using my cellphone instead, but it doesn’t nearly have enough storage (256Mb – puh). That’s why I decided to use my long saved card to get the iPod: “But mom, if uncle buys it in the States and brings it this Christmas, it won’t be that expensive. Actually it’s just like when you guys were planning on buying one last year, isn’t it?” Of course she agreed, and then I felt guilty for being so manipulative. Oh well, that I can deal with =P


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