It’s ordered!


I’ve ordered the iPod Video from my uncle, and he’s bringing it to me in the Christmas holidays. Yay! It was so easy to persuade (I can’t even call what I did persuasion) my mom

Since it’s still quite a while untill I’m getting the iPod, I’ve bought a new micro hifi system with my own money. It was not that expensive nor great, but it has everything I need: CD player with mp3-support (and ID3 tags), radio, alarm clock and the sleep function. It’s a Panasonic SC-PM21.

Panasonic SC-PM21

2 Responses to “It’s ordered!”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    looks cool.. Is that photo an artist’s image of the product or a reality one ? looks hauntingly a masterpiece.. brushed metal ?

  2. It’s an artist’s image (i.e. I found it online) and yeah, I assume it’s brushed metal. šŸ™‚

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