The Local Event Browser


I just discovered something that’s probably old news. Yahoo has made a Local Event Browser which I just love the idea of. Check it out here:

The Event Browser queries Yahoo! Local Events via a map-driven experience leveraging the new Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. We’ll start you out in a map view of San Francisco, looking at all events for today and the next two days. Pick another location, other days, or a particular type of event to see all the events that the Event Browser finds that match your choices.

I hope it’ll cover all cities worldwide one day. I know I could use a service like that.

Local Event Browser

Over to a completely different subject. I really like the plugin the people have installed here, where you can see your referrers. The thing is though, that I keep getting all these direct hits which arn’t from myself. So I’m so curious about who’s visiting my blog, because they never comment. Oh well, somebody has probably just stumbled here be accident.


3 Responses to “The Local Event Browser”

  1. Well it looks new, I’ve never heard of it! Lol. Thanks for telling us!

  2. huh wads that.. haha

  3. Very interesting, On the ball hoho. Happy New year, take Care.

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