The thing I have wanted the longest


I was just thinking, what can really fit under the category technological stuff and gadgets? There are a lot of things – right? Not just cellphones and digital cameras, but it could also be microwaves and hair dryers. Because there is technology in these items. So if I want to blog about, let’s say a car, that wouldn’t be waaay off subject of what my blog’s theme is, now would it? Besides, it’s my blog so I can do whatever the hell I want with it. It’s just that I like to keep it clean and organized.

But that’s what I’m going to do this time. I’m going to be a little daring and share with you the thing that I have been wanting for the longest period of time (besides world peace); a car. An old orange Volkswagen Beetle to be more precise.
old orange volkswagen beetle

The story behind this weird wish to have an orange car is quite simple. When I was younger, my grandfather had a car just like this which he loved. When he wasn’t driving it, he was working on it. Every time he was taking me somewhere, I got to sit in front, even if there was an adult there. After some time, the car started to get in a more and more bad shape, and eventually my grandfather had to get rid of it. He couldn’t even sell it – he had to destroy it (you know, with those machines that makes a car into a cube). Anyway, so I told my grandfather not to worry, because when I got older, I would get an orange beetle just like the one he had, and drive him around in it. So I guess I have to hurry up and get my driver’s liscense and some money now.


5 Responses to “The thing I have wanted the longest”

  1. Inquisitive heads make it big. You and I share the same interests. You are on my blogroll Tina. Hope to see lots of comments from you.

  2. 2 Qwerty Maniac

    hehe, dont make a blog subjective for best results.. add personalism and tech and all-other-things to spark a huge intrest in the readers.. especially personal views and stuff thats cultural 😀 (I hate culture tho… personal is intresting, culture ? blaughh)

  3. what’s so sick about culture ?

  4. 4 Qwerty Maniac

    well i hate traditional culture actually… jus dont like its ways.. 🙄

  5. I think my father is still driving my 1971 Super-Beetle (painted Clementine Orange)… he’s in Campbell River ( where the winters are milder.

    your photo could be my exact car except for the hubs and number-plate…

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