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Today I’m going to share with ya’ll the music player that I like the best. It has everything I’m looking for in a player (minus one thing, but it ain’t its fault!); new songs are added automatically, awesome organisation, compalibility with MSN and Last.fm, and it’s light and simple.

The player I am talking about is (drumroll) musikCube!
musikCube logo

Let me talk more about why I like this player, and how its features are useful to me.

Songs added automatically
Before starting to use musikCube, Windows Media Player was the only player this was doing this, but overall WMP is not a good player, so I didn’t like it. Now I guess that alot of music players have auto-synchronization, but not any that I have been satisfied with.

What strikes me in a postive way about the organisation of files with this program, is not just the easy way to search, but how they handle the ID3-tags. With WMP making the tags wrong and all, musikCube doesn’t, and it even fixes them! You can choose to eg. “remove extra white space”. It’s so annoying to have that extra white space on artist names, making your iPod interpret “Radiohead” and “Radiohead ” as two, and not one, artists. Well it fixes that, and it can “auto capitalize first letters” which can also come in handy.

I like the feature on MSN Messenger where people can hear what I’m listening to, and I like Last.fm alot! Most players have the second but not the first thing. By easily installing a plugin you can have both with musikCube. They have a couple of plugins at their site which can come in handy.

Light and simple
It is fast with everything unlike iTunes. With iTunes I have to wait for the search field to clear out. It might be my computer only, but I find iTunes to be sloow. The only reason I use it is because I need it to transfer songs to my iPod. musikCube’s look is very clean and simple, and it hides itself nicely up in the right corner when you minimize it.

Here is a little screenshot. For bigger better quality, go to their website!
musikCube screenshot


3 Responses to “Favourite music player!”

  1. 1 teen

    I just downloaded it. Thanks for spreading the owrd.

  2. oh i use foobar2000 dispised by many loved by some. Its greatly customizable but still so simple and is nearly the lightest music player i have seen

  3. 3 Tina

    I’ve heard about it before, and I think it looks great. But I like MusikCube better 😛

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