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The new MSN Messenger Live looks nice, but I don’t know if there’s anything more to it. Besides small bugs that botherd me in the 7.5 version being fixed, this one doesn’t really have that much new offer. Some of the things I do like though, is the ability to send and recieve messages even though you’re offline or appearing to be offline, and an easier way to share files.

Here’s a screenshot:
MSN Messenger Live

If anybody wants to try it out as well, just leave a comment and have the e-mail address you use for MSN Messenger in the “E-mail” field. I’ve got a couple of invites left.

I’ve also tried out the MSN Mail Live which so far looks good, but yet again, nothing too revolutionary (I feel so demanding when writing this… Heh) and it’s not fully compatible with Firefox. Can’t Microsoft just admit defeat to Mozilla and move on without letting things affect the users??


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  1. 1 Miko

    Hmm, looks interesting. :O
    I agree, Microsoft should just admit defeat… That day is not far away. 😉

  2. 2 Qwerty Maniac

    me me me…

    Male oops Mail :
    qwertymaniac (whichever symbol) Gmail (the one and only one “.”) com (what else? computer?)

  3. 3 teen

    Microsoft and defeat don’t feature in the same book Miko. Just wait and you’ll see who wins. Despite the outside noise of Gmail, Hotmail still remains to be the best e-mail service provider.
    By the way Tina, I’ve just updated my blog. Check it out.

  4. 4 Tina

    How can you even imply that Hotmail is better than Gmail?? Maybe with the MSN Mail Live coming out it can compete, but it just hasn’t even reach the level of greatness that Gmail is on!!! 😛
    Whether Hotmail or Gmail, or IE or Firefox is the best, is not however the problem. The problem is that Microsoft are excluding alot of FF and Opera users by making their services only compatible with IE.

  5. 5 Qwerty Maniac

    Nothin beats gmail… its purely for mail by mail and of mail service… MSN is bloated and yahoo is too linked up for sending and recievin mail.. that is u gotta click and w8 for doin a thing unlike G

  6. Hey Tina … it looks amazing! I’m especially glad about the feature that allows you to receive messages even when you’re offline … can you send me an invite if you don’t mind ? Thanks !

  7. 7 Tina

    I’ve sent an invite to both of you 😀 Enjoy!

  8. Thank you very much Tina !! Really sweet of you … !

  9. Good luck for your exams too ! Have fun !

  10. Tina , I already am a user of MSN Live Messenger Beta 1 and 2. Much before you and Karthik. And I have been using Gmail from 2004 alongside hotmail. SO you can know which is better if you have my experience. I’m one of the few hundreds who have seen Gmail evolve. I had my gmail id when they provided 1 GB of data storage and I had almost extinguished my invites by inviting people to Gmail.
    Live Mail provides 2 GB of storage and Gmail provides 2.5 GB. But Live mail has many more advanced features. But what are you going to do with all that space. SUrely you don’t get that mush mail..?

  11. Hey Tina, Another female geek. LOL!

    Anyways Windows Live Messenger rocks to teh core. As I’ve proclaimed before, Messenger is MS’s 2nd best product after Windows. 😀

    @Teen: My friend, have you even looked @ Yahoo! Mail Beta. It kicks Live Mail’s butt though it provides only 1 GB, it’s an enhanced Ad-Free inline-tabbed version of Live mail. I just wrote about that here….

    Damn, I’d really like a live Invite. Any nice soul here??
    Coolcracky [at]

    AND now you can download MSN Live messenger without an invite, it’s just got free

  12. Actually I wanted an invite for Live Mail!! Windows Live mail though no one seems to be having on.

    I signed up @ but I read that it would take years for it to arrive and before that I’ll probably… Nah!

    And I must say you are one of the first TRUE girl geeks I’ve seen. (No offence meant to any girls out there) but I guess girls aren’t really interested in Techno stuff. I’ve seen blogs calling themselves girl geeks but all they do is glamourize themselves with their photos, etc and they don’t have the technological depth..


  13. Teen:
    I’ve had Gmail since 2004 as well, and Hotmail a long time before that again. What I was stating was that before Live Mail existed, Hotmail wasn’t even a real competitor to Gmail when it came to features, but now they can. Still this is of little use if the features are not compatible with my webbrowser (this was my main complaint).
    But the deciscion whether Gmail or Hotmail is best, is up to the single user. I personally prefer the easy labeling system over the folders in Hotmail, and I’ve only gotten spam twice with Gmail (which both went in the spam folder) while I’ve had to delete two Hotmail accounts because there was just too much spam and none being caught by the spam blocker.

  14. “technological depth” *lol* Love that…. But yeah, I know what you mean.
    I’m sorry but I don’t have Live Mail invites either. Good luck with getting one. I think I waited a couple of weeks or more than a month to get one, but since I just got one, maybe they’re in a give-away craze right now =S

  15. 15 Qwerty Maniac

    thnx a lot for the invitee 🙂

  16. 😉 Awww… KK No problemo, my quest continues. LOL!

    Hey Tina, how is it that your comment alone comes in Special? Is it just in Regulus?

    Having heard about both Live Mail & Yahoo! Mail BETA, I must admit, they sound great and have 2-good-2b-true interfaces. However, one thing is that Gmail is Feature RICH!! Very very. It has some of the best features you’d ever expect and that’s where it rules. I only wish that the UI was good.

    Still haven’t got both. LOL!


  17. 17 Qwerty Maniac

    Yea its regulus style, author is highlighted.

  18. I think some other themes has that too, but I’m not sure.

  19. Yes , it’s in Regulus only. By the way Chrono , you invite me to Yahoo mail beta ,I’ll see if I can get you a Live mail beta invite.

  20. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Gmail has been in Beta stage for 2 years and still is in beta

  21. 21 greenlightsabers

    I got lucky enough to get an invite from my friend too. I agree with you, the feature being able to message people while they’re offline is pretty cool. There are folders in which you put the files in according to the contact, so it’s more organised.

    I like the interface better than 7.5, and you can finally get rid of those damn sidetabs. 😀

  22. 22 Qwerty Maniac

    99% of google is BETA. If it were google’s will, ur car, house, money will all be BETA 😀 Its Google’s way of avoiding controversy over a glitch-if-any on thier products.

  23. Firefox Alpha 2.0 is very stable. I was surprised out of my shoes when I saw it’s stability.

  24. hej qka po ban

  25. hey
    I’d like one invitation… if possible

  26. ops..
    the e-mail is


  27. I’ll send it later today. Right now all I’m getting is an error message. :S


    i use for my msn passport i have the new msn live but i need a invite lol can u help me out thanks 🙂

  29. YAY :):):):):):>:>:>:>:>

  30. 30 Hammad

    Salam how r u, I am like friendship with u r u like plz reply me.

  31. 31 lenix

    hey can i try it out it looks cool

  32. 32 husen

    hi can i try it out as well?
    loks nice, i saw my fren using it

  33. 33 Tina

    i’ve sent to both of you.
    and Hammad… it’s cool that you are like friendship 😀

  34. 34 humna

    its good to discover things so it means that you are hard working

  35. 35 humna

    tina if you can send me your Email ID so that i can cantact with you

  36. 36 humna

    if u want my Email ID it is

  37. Hello Tina,
    could you invite me please. (max.peter(at)
    Thank you in advance!
    Have a nice Weekend,

    Regards, Max

  38. 38 Qwerty Maniac

    The final version released… but no differences 😛

  39. 39 chelsea

    plz would u send me an invite!?
    i fink its amazing wot u do wiv ur time!

  40. 40 amanda

    how do i get msn messenger live
    can some one give me the link soi can get it plz

  41. 41 berleia

    hey, i was just wondering how to get msn messenger live?..and then when i do figure that out, would u invite me?? Please? k well im going to try and get msn live.. 🙂

  42. 42 krystak

    hello can you tell me how to get on to e messenger on the schools computer

  43. 43 Tina

    krystak: don’t use e-messenger, but works in my school, don’t know about yours.

    belreia, amanda and chelsea: you don’t need an invite to use msn live anymore. just go to, click on the “messenger” link, and the rest is pretty easy.

  44. 44 bluesku kurado

    can anyone tell me where can i download messenger window live…

  45. i want to delete my yahoo MSN Messenger live so that i can get a gmail MSN messenger live

  46. but how can i do it?

  47. @Joyce – Just get a different passport ID and use it? Of course, you’ll have to intimate all people on list of the change… 🙂

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