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This week I’ve done so much math and other homework that my brain is drained for ideas that have any sort of creativitism in them. So I’ve decided to post some pictures of my iPod (yay!). One where it has clothes on, and another without (aka iPod porn),

My iPod with clothes My iPod without clothes

Now posting only these pictures would not be enough to justify my blog’s reputation (*cough*), so I’ve made a list over programs I use as complements for my iPod:
iTunes: Transfer songs, podcasts and videos to my iPod
Videora iPod Converter: It converts all sorts of movie formats to the right format (.mp4) so that iPod can show my movies.
PodUtil: Copys songs from the iPod to the computer.

Feel free to comment with names of the programs you use.


15 Responses to “My iPod”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    Heh, iPod pr0n 😆 lol…

    Is it true that the iPod had no volume controls earlier?

  2. 2 greenlightsabers

    Put two naked iPods together… God, I wish I had one.

  3. You are banned from WordPress for displaying Porn. But 😀 Nice ones…

  4. 4 Tina

    Yeah, what’s up with people saying iPod has no volume control? I don’t think they mean “loud and quiet”, because we have that, but perhaps the equalizer thingy. Right now we don’t have equalizers, but we can control if we want to have a rock sound, pop sound, etc..

  5. Gosh i never even knew anything about Ipod nothing more than it plays music if i could buy then maybe it would have attracted me

  6. 6 Qwerty Maniac

    No, I read a google news saying that iPod released a volume fix only later after releasing it… (here)

  7. Dont have an ipod yet . But would love to own it one day .

  8. i would love to have iPod but currently i ca;nt buy… but I’m sure soon i’ll have iMac and iPod..

  9. Willl get one iPod soon 🙂

    Nice blog. Tina

  10. i want an ipod!!!!!

  11. I have a Shuffle. I use this Winamp extension ( to transfer songs to/from my iPod to avoid using iTunes. iTunes is bad – it can choke up the best system.

  12. 12 Tina

    Oh, that’s cool. I really hate iTunes, but I don’t like Winamp either. I’m gonna try to find either a plugin for musikCube or Windows Media Player to import songs to iPod, or another program to do it…

  13. 13 wuti

    Exactly the same!! iTunes + PodUtil but not Videora cause I have IV gen. iPod….ehm…until the next generation iPod, of course.
    Very nice blog, and, about qwerty’s comment, maybe he concern about the volume limitation that Apple include in the European version of the player…with a little utility you can remove that protection…
    Finally…I love iTunes, but isn’s the very best player for my collection. Take a look at Windows Media Player 11 beta…
    On my blog I have a little review, in my latest post, but it’s in italian 😦 Sorry…

    See you soon.

  14. Thanks for this link. I was looking for this !!

    I badly wanted to transfer music from my iPod to my laptop.. because i just donated my PC to my younger brother

  15. 15 AY

    Oh common.
    Can some of you explain me why iPod is better than other music player ?
    I really don’t get it.
    You should use iTunes, you can’t synch it with two different computers, you even haven’t a radio, so where is benefit of an iPod?
    And moreover, many people say what sound of iPod is really not so good.
    So may be it’s just a kind of fetishism?

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