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You know how annoying it is when you’re browsing online and stumble upon webpages that are absolutely impossible to view because they’re designed for 800×600 screens and the Internet Explorer webbrowser? Lately though, I’ve noticed something that annoys me even more; website that are designed to only look good in one browser on purpose (usually […]

List craze


It is time for me to get off my lazy ass and update this blog! I’m going to try and get as much things done today as possible. I’ve already been to a meeting, shopping, and now I’m blogging which is the 3rd thing on my to-do list. Speaking lists, this entry is for all […]

Quel tu prérères? I am currently on the look for new headphones because I can’t use the ones that came with my iPod (I sort of gave ’em to my mom) and my Sennheisers er crap. Now I’m having trouble deciding which ones I should go with, but I do know that I do not […]