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Quel tu prérères? I am currently on the look for new headphones because I can’t use the ones that came with my iPod (I sort of gave ’em to my mom) and my Sennheisers er crap. Now I’m having trouble deciding which ones I should go with, but I do know that I do not want a Koss Porta Pro nor any crappy petit earplug that is going to fall out of my ears every time I move my body. So these are the ones I’ve been looking at so far:

Skullcandy Ti ChickThe Massive – Skullcandy Ti Chick
First up is Skullcandy’s Ti Chick. If I understand things correctly, Skullcandy is like a brand for snowboardes with big baggy clothes. Now, I am not a snowboarder, I generally don’t do wintersports that well, and I do not wear big baggy clothes. But still I think these ones are dead awesome, though not something I would walk around town with seeing that they’re bigger than my face.

Sennheiser PX200WThe Medium – Sennheiser PX200W
Even though the headphones I have right now are Sennheisers, and I hate them, I do believe that Sennheiser is a good brand. I kinda like these ones for their size and the specs doesn’t seem half bad either. I like the white more, but I think I’d go with the black ones here because they match my iPod better 😛

Koss Spark Plug
The Minor – Koss Spark Plug
These are probably the ones I’ll end up buying. They’re small but because of the ‘plug’ they won’t fall out of my ears. The price isn’t half bad either. The only thing I’m worried about is the sound quality. Despite Koss’ good reputation when it comes to sound, I’ve read some bad reviews for this one (but loads of good as well!). *sigh*


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  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    I broke my old ones (plugs, not exactly headphones), perhaps dropped them down once too often 😦 Yeah those plugs always fall, they should make taped ones 😆

    The skullcandy really looks awesome, only if I had a colour choice and oh! only if that brand was available in my country 😦

  2. If you would prefer something that will not fall down from the ears , then the Koss spark plug seems ideal but personally i would prefer Skull Candy . It looks great .

  3. 3 Tina

    The Skullcandy does look awesome, but it’s so big. I couldn’t imagine using headphones that big. They’d ruin my hair…. Heh

  4. 4 Qwerty Maniac

    Well, I havent seen it physically so I cant think how big it looks 😛 Neways its not the looks that matter, the quality does, esp more bass 😀

  5. Hmm… I like the massive one(Skullcandy) and the medium one (Sennheiser PX200W). But if they were available in red i would have ran and got them. As for now I have a nice pair of small headpones (red obviusly) which fit my ear perfectly and give good sound quality and yeah they dont mess the hair

  6. 6 Tina

    Oh, what are yours called then??

    Qwerty: Looks is 1/3 of the reason to buy something! *lol* But that’s only my girly vain side speaking.

  7. 7 greenlightsabers

    Hmm, I saw these earphones, but I’ve forgotten what they’re called. (Sorry.) But they pretty powerful with good bass, just like headphones. But the price will probably steer you away from them. ($US200)

  8. From these options, I’d have bought Koss. I think headphones should be light and comfortable on the ears, I hate covering up my ears with bulky headphones.

  9. Wow, I never realized there were so many different options for headphones. I’ve never replaced my headphones, though I probably should since they suck ^^; I would get Koss, my biggest pet peeve about headphones is that mine keep falling out. Although the Skullcandy one looks pretty cool (though super-big!) =P

  10. Oh my earphone thats one of those cheapstake ones i had no brand actually. I am planning to buy a new one as i listen to rock and alternative rock at late night around 12 am to 2 am and if my Dad hears the sound of those i get grounded for life.

  11. 11 RS

    My biggest pet peeve about headphones is that mine keep falling out.

    Try visiting for ipod.

  12. 12 Chrystina

    I actually got the Pink TI headphones from my boyfriend as a gift and the sound is awesome! I havent actually worn them outside going to school or anything but I plan to. I have worn them in the car and stuff lol.. But I mean should I even really care about walking around with the huge headphones? I mean they are hot and they look cute!? lol

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