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It is time for me to get off my lazy ass and update this blog! I’m going to try and get as much things done today as possible. I’ve already been to a meeting, shopping, and now I’m blogging which is the 3rd thing on my to-do list.

Speaking lists, this entry is for all of you who love making lists. Wishlists, to-do lists, pro-con lists and so on. I’ve browsed around the internet and have found loads of great web 2.0 sites that lets you make lists. Here are some of them:

Simple lists
Remember The Milk, voo2do, Ta-da lists
The things these services have in common are that they’re very easy to use, have a simple design and can be displayed both privately and public. In addition to these features, voo2do and Remember The Milk has some extra features which ta-da lists does not have. They have categories, a more advanced priority system, due dates, estimation of how long it takes and much more. Out of these three, I have to say that I think Remember The Milk looks best overall.

Object lists
Listal: Make lists out of the DVDs you own, movies you’ve seen, books you’ve read, CDs you have and games you have.
Synergy Matters: The three different list sites are MyFilmz, ReaderΒ² and MyProgs. I personally use ReaderΒ² and like it a lot!
List of Bests: Make lists of your favourite books, music, movies, places, people, and more.

43 lists
These sites have been made by the same people, and are similar in many ways. The do have some unique things about them though.
43 Things: Make a lists with 43 (or less) things that you want to do. Write entries with updates on the progress, post pictures, look at what other people are wanting, etc. Very fun site indeed! Check out my (unfinished) list.
43 Places: Name is quite self-explanatory. Make a list with the 43 places you want to visit the most.
43 People: List 43 people that you want to meet or have met.

Well that’s it for this time. There are many more good sites where you can make lists, but I needed to stop somewhere. But check out the sites, and show me your lists πŸ˜›

Happy Earth day!


13 Responses to “List craze”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    Really cool! Didnt know all these existed… πŸ™‚

    Btw – Best of luck on the languages πŸ˜€

    /Me starts building some lists πŸ™‚

  2. Nice ones , will start making them today .

  3. 3 Kay


    My todo lists never get completed, instead they grow.


  4. 4 Tina

    Haha… Yeah, mine too. As one thing dissapears, two new things are being added πŸ˜›

  5. 5 teen

    I’m announcing my official return on Earth Day. Happy Earth Day to you too.

  6. 6 Tina

    Hehe… Thank you! I didn’t even know it was earth day before I saw the google logo πŸ˜› Stop global warming!! yay πŸ˜€

  7. 7 greenlightsabers

    I’m just gonna make a list of which people I have given wet willies to… ahh, the joys of teenagehood.

  8. 8 Qwerty Maniac

    thats a very cool header there πŸ˜€

    Ps.. for some unknown reason, the page-title (title tag missing?) isnt appearing for your blog… perhaps its due to that header image …

  9. 9 Qwerty Maniac

    oh I c that u havent added text for the header, thats y the title is missing πŸ™‚

  10. yeah, I know. I need to fix the header. I removed the text because or else it would show on top of the pictures…

  11. i know what you mean, my blog keeps having bugs in IE that don’t show up in Firefox, so I put a disclaimer on my blog saying it’s best viewed in Firefox for that reason, but it’s not because I’m trying to make people use Mozilla–it’s because I think it looks stupid for reasons I can’t control in IE.

    Good funny post though.

  12. 12 ALFREDO

    You’re right but remember that Microsoft was the first to impose it’s browser and continues doing it so. The new IE 7 is not accepting standard coding for CSS and many developers are complaining about it..

  13. 13 riva

    I love the Synergy Matters ones (always thought WordPress should implement something like BankofIdeas to keep track of theme requests and other suggestions where it might be useful to have people vote on others’ ideas rather than post redundant suggestions independently) and I never saw Reader2 mentioned in anyone’s blog before…didn’t know anyone who used it except me and my boyfriend!

    this is mine:

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