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You know how annoying it is when you’re browsing online and stumble upon webpages that are absolutely impossible to view because they’re designed for 800×600 screens and the Internet Explorer webbrowser? Lately though, I’ve noticed something that annoys me even more; website that are designed to only look good in one browser on purpose (usually Firefox). The text “Looks best in Firefox and Opera” makes me so angry (the anger partially even motivated me to make this blogentry πŸ˜› )! It’s one thing that people who don’t know better make less compatible layouts, but when people who know how to code properly intentionally make layouts where they’re not bothered with how it looks in all browsers, it just makes me so frustrated. Why would you make yourself look like such a stupid hipocrite?

It’s things like this that I’m referring too:

In Windows Mail Live I get this message:
Windows Live Mail

People should accept the fact that some people prefers IE though others don’t. I use Firefox and I do think it’s the best browser out there. But I would never force my personal taste on anyone. Sometimes when I surf around the web, I feel like I’m in a browser apartheid (extreme comparison there…). Is it really that hard to make your site viewable by all? If it’s just laziness that is stopping you, I think you should get over yourself because it would be a win-win situation if everybody’s daily surfing routine got less restricted.

Be aware of that this entry is very generalizing, and I do know that there are single cases that don’t apply to my rant πŸ˜€


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  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    Heh, I was gonna add that IE blocker to my site too, since it looked cr@ppy in IE and those ppl were complaining… πŸ˜• After fx’s entry, mixed with the fan following and open source revolution, the browser wars have become a true online WW1 (can there be a 2? :?) and micosoft as usual goes one step ahead in its monopoly by creating IE-only sites and features… if IE rendered better I wont mind using it, lets wait for the IE7 to clear this all up πŸ˜›

  2. 2 greenlightsabers

    Myspace does that. It only suits to it to IE. Damn-a-nation! But yeah, I believe The Movies Online does that where you have to have IE just to watch the movies that people have uploaded. And that’s the same with Yahoo Video. You must have IE to watch those damn videos. Like I go there anyway. πŸ˜›

  3. 3 Tina

    Myspace works fine with me, but that’s maybe because I’ve never used it in IE, so I don’t know better… Heh.

  4. To be frank, IE requires awesome hacks for some standard CSS things to work. That can be a right pain. Of course, I haven’t come across any major instances of my designs going haywire with IE. I’m a mac user, so I have no choice as to whether I use IE6 or not, because it simply isn’t available.

    So far as the services, they aren’t supported in firefox and the like for a few probable reasons: a) They may use ActiveX components which are not compatible with Firefox etc, b) Microsoft want you to use IE, not Firefox, it’s as simple as that. Marketing.

    I don’t like sites which suggest that they be viewed in a particular browser, and sites which *require* a particular browser irritate me even more, but sometimes there are reasons. All my designs have been XHTML strict and valid CSS, which gives me a greater chance of rendering correctly in all the browsers, but sometimes it takes some tweaking, and for some people, hacking.

    Thought I might shed some perspective on the matter.

  5. 5 Qwerty Maniac

    oh and that thing used for the block IE feature can be obtained here…
    8) Destroy Explorer…

    But in open source, the ppl believe in making sites that are compatible for all browsers, thats y they look very simple.. πŸ™‚

    MySpace works in Fx but either its very heavy or maybe incompatible, coz it takes a hell lot time to load for me… 😦

  6. 6 Tina

    Go open source! πŸ˜› And yeah, I grabbed that picture from that site. I should really get better at linking people… 😐

    @Andrew: I agree with your points, and as I stated lastly, I’m not talking about every single case out there, just how I see things in general. About the services, I know it’s marketing, but I think it’s silly anyway. It’s not like they’re getting me to switch back to IE by blocking Firefox.

  7. I never do such things! That’s not the freedom way.

    We, FLOSS enthusiasts never blocks one’s freedom. It’s better if one uses free/open source software. But he has the equal choice of selecting any proprietary software. I’ll not force anyone to use a particular software for the reason I’m using it.

    I’m a a part of AnyBrowser Campaign. I create pages, that is viewable with any browser.

  8. 8 draco

    I work on my site on Firefox first before making it work on IE. And for personal sites like my blog, I make sure it’s at least readable in IE(read: six). This way, IE6 users might not get the best experience, but they don’t get blocked out totally — they still get the content like all else do.

  9. 9 me2nour

    it’s true what you’re saying in here
    but sometimes someone like me who is’nt expert & doesn’t know how to fix some problems in her/his site, have to do something like that so people can see his/her effort
    but anyway I didn’t do such a thing in my journal,,, it’s best view in IE & i’m still using firefox
    great blog

  10. Haha i was in preparation to make a IE not allowed site and the whole and sole reason was IE doesnt support transparent PNGs as backgorunds and stuff. I left my second web-designing project for the whole and sole reason that IE doesnt support transparent PNG’s.

    Anyways I use Firefox and i didnt get ur 800×600 resolution problem could you expailn why you hate it

  11. Tina, I think someone read your blog entry. πŸ˜€

    Check this out!

  12. 12 Tina

    Haha!.. That would be awesome wouldn’t it?

    @karthiksn: I don’t hate the 800×600 resolution! πŸ˜› It was just an example on what I hate to see in people’s disclaimers. I don’t like it when people design for a limited group of users (eg. people with 800×600 resolutions and who use IE).

  13. 13 Qwerty Maniac

    yes thats cool news, now only if I had that service… am willing to trade my allpeers for it haha πŸ˜›

  14. YOu mean to say you don’t have a live account?

  15. 15 Qwerty Maniac

    Nopes 😦 I jus have a Live Messenger acc…

  16. Hmm actually i also make my projects based on 800×600 resolution. The reason was that there are quite a number of people i know who have that resolution and these guys never even think of changing the resolutions. But i guess using percentages instead of specific number is good but creates a lot of mess.

  17. 17 Tina

    I used to make layouts small enough to fit perfectly in 800×600 too. I don’t mind people doing that!! Just as long as it fits other resolutions as well. It doesn’t have to be either or…

  18. Hey Qwert, get a hotmail and register at It definitely is worth a try, though it’s very sluggish in my PC, maybe cause it’s a PIII.

  19. 19 Qwerty Maniac

    I did do that, still no invite from MS… Yahoo.b is slow loader in P4 too πŸ˜› its heavy in size..

  20. Browser discrimination is always going to be a problem because of the different browsers that are fighting for market share.

  21. 21 eric

    guess we should make a standard among the browsers, shouldnt we?

  22. 22 Qwerty Maniac

    Or better make a universal browser… or start reading and understanding direct HTML πŸ˜›

  23. MS : The invite will come late, the latest!! Yahoo – 2 months, MS – 3 weeks. Patience dear qwerty.

    And I wanted to save certain things for a review, but a hint : Live really rox, might switch base from Gmail if they get tabs and better navigation in 800×600.

  24. 24 sukhi

    well you’ve certainly got my vote on the “lets be friends” thingy!

  25. 25 Tina

    Heh.. I thought it’d be cute πŸ˜›

  26. 26 sukhi

    Oh, it is, it is. More importantly, its sensible! which is standards are about, but lets not get into that.

  27. 27 riva

    Wow, I’m surprised you’d get that message on a .gov site with the clear bit about ending the monopoly.

    Eh, I’m still a Firefox snob even though you really have to search through the skins to make it look as pretty as Safari, because it’s quite ugly to start out with.

  28. hard to be friends
    i designed wordpress themes and css templates

    work so great on FireFox and so dead at the IE

    now have to creat 2 CSS files to of for firefox and other for IE..

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