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When I was younger, Sega was known to me as the name of a video game console where you could play the coolest game ever – Sonic. I never had a Sega though, because it was what mainly the cool kids had. My brother and I on the other hand, were stuck with playing Super Mario Bros and shooting birds on a Nintendo (NES).

But enough with the reminiscing, because that was a long time ago and I can’t even remember when I last saw a blue, spinning hedgehog, let alone anything Sega related… Untill a couple of weeks ago. So what this blog entry is about is what I discovered a couple of weeks ago, a rather new invention from the Sega Corporation. It has nothing to do with video game consoles and it’s pretty unpractical if you ask me (so in one way this blog entry resembles my previous one a bit). It looks like the robot in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, only a lot smaller, and it goes by the name Mu-Bot. What is it you ask? Maybe this picture will explain it to you:

How the Mu-Bot looks and works.

The Mu-Bot is a robot that has earplugs as its arms and it’s designed to match an iPod, though it probably can be used with any digital audio player that has a right plug. The rest of the robot is there merely for decoration, and is supposed to be hanging around your neck so I don’t think I should even call it a robot. Though it’s not that decorative, it sure is cute. The target group of this robot must be 4 to 11 year-old-girls, because I can’t imagine anyone else who could possibly want use it. If you want to buy this robot, you’ll have to wait untill December when it’s released, and the price will be about €17 (Â¥2500).

Compare its size to an iPod

(From looking at this picture, the earplugs look very big, almost half the size of the iPod, don’t you think?)

In closing I would just like to point out that Sega 1996 and Sega 2006 are two very different corporations.

Pictures hosted on Zooomr
I was just informed that the Mu-Bot was not made by Sega, but Sega Toys which is a completely different company. So with that info half this blog entry is rubbish (that’s what you get for lousy researching), but it’s still fun to read, eh?


17 Responses to “Mu-Bot – The iPod Robot”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    It does look cute, could do with those eyes as in the movie. But if its heavy and dangles on your neck, wont it be trouble? Like earphones falling off etc.

  2. 2 teen

    Cool , there’s no other word for it. Cute…mmm probably , but after calculating the dimensional matrices , I have arrived at a point where cool , is a better word. – teen , boy genius.

    It’s got no real use. Just a waste of money.Tina do check out my blog.

  3. 3 Tina

    Qwerty: Hm, it doesn’t have eyes… I thought about that the heavy factor could be a problem as well, especially since earplugs fall off of my ears very easily.

    Teen: “Cool” was my first impression, “unpractical yet cute” is what I think it is now.

  4. I think a model with built-in speakers would be better than this. It would still be kind of awkward, yet more practical than throwing that bot around one’s neck. Besides, Sega Toys is a different company than Sega. In fact, Sega has been active as a video game publisher, even after the end of Dreamcast’s production. If you like Sonic, then there’s at least one game for every current console.

    Oh, and this is a very nice blog, by the way. Congrats!

  5. 5 Tina

    Thanks for clearing things up! I was so confused with why Sega would make such silly toys. Though Sonic used to be one of my favourite games, I’m not that interested in him/it anymore…
    I agree with the buil-in speakers idea. Then I’d actually consider buying them 😀

  6. Hmm.. kool Sega story nearly close to mine but the thing i didnt even have a NES anyways the thing looks cute and cute isnt my cup os tea but it can obviusly increase the falaunt value of I-Pod from 600% to 650%. LOL

  7. 7 greenlightsabers

    why doesn’t the robot have a face? what society do we live in? a faceless-robot one? *sigh*

  8. 8 Qwerty Maniac

    Yeah, maybe if it had a face (eyes that light up as scopes and a volume zip for the mouth) and speakers in its ears, it would have been worth a try 😛

  9. 9 teen

    Yeah, but it’s still useless.

  10. Atleast it will reduce the tangle. My mobiles earphone’s wires are always in a mess :). But otherwise useless 😛

  11. 11 teen

    Yeah , well you’ve got a point.

  12. I wish to own one.

  13. Sega Toys is a subsidery 100% owned by Sega corb wiich is now part of Sega Sammy holding.
    Sega toys was always the profitable side of Sega since the early 90s especially after the Poo-chi booming.

  14. I would definately buy that if there were a smaller version available… it’s adorable!

  15. 15 Henrik

    Hey when is it possibol to buy it over the internett it is realy cool

  16. Hi,

    You can pre-order your Mu-Bot from, it will released in early August in the UK

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