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Next year I’m planning on going to one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I’m not sure who I’m going with yet, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have my best friend with me. When we get there, we’re going to sleep in tents. Now setting up […]

I’ve just discovered that Samsung sells laptops, and I really fancy the models in their Q-Series. They look fabulous and all seem very portable. Just look at the Q30 Plus which was named the world’s thinnest. The newest addition to this family is the Q40. I don’t know if the pink one is the default […]

Working out seems to be more popular than ever. Around in my town there are gyms popping up everywhere, and people are actually joining them too ( 😛 ). The healthy life style is definitely “the thing”, and in addition eating right, working out is the criteria to get there. People in the technology business […]