Kick a ball, be sporty


Working out seems to be more popular than ever. Around in my town there are gyms popping up everywhere, and people are actually joining them too ( 😛 ). The healthy life style is definitely “the thing”, and in addition eating right, working out is the criteria to get there. People in the technology business have also picked this little piece of information up, and so now the latest trend in technology is sports.

As many of you might know, Apple and Nike have recently joined forces in making a shoe that works together with the iPod Nano. The project is called Nike + iPod and it’s aimed at people who like to run. At this site you can see an ad that shows how the cooperation between the Nike shoe, and iPod Nano works. The shoe isn’t the only product from Nike that is apart of this project, they also have appearal (with slots for the iPod Nano of course) and accessories. Apple are doing their share by selling songs on their Music Store that will optimize your work-out.

Tune your run


Sennheiser also thinks there is money to be make here, and so they have made headphones that will optimize your work-out by hopefully staying comfortably on the entire time you’re running. The headphones are also water resistant and sweat proof (same thing when you think about it…). The Sennheiser Sport Line consists of 6 headphones in different shapes and prices, but the two things in common are the stylish design and the green colour.

All the six headphones


SE W710i with accessoriesWhile Sennheiser is going for green, Sony Ericsson’s designers have lately shown a liking for the colour orange with their Walkman series. The SE W710i is an upcoming cellphone that has the active crowd as its target group. It competes with the Nike+ project though I’m not sure it’s as advanced. Its fitness program consists of a step counter that you can use when you walk, it can measure speed and distance when you’re running and it also have a calorie counter. In addition to this, the headphones are designed to have a good fit, and you get a arm band where you can attach the phone.

In closing, don’t you just feel inspired to get your old running shoes that you used in PE, and just start running? Yeah, me neither…!


9 Responses to “Kick a ball, be sporty”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    I love the headphone styles and green looks good too, the PMX 70 Sport looks like those Sunglass+Headphone combo, only without the glass… I think that’ll be good for running and cycling (my way of ‘running’) :]

    But wont headphones instead of ear ones be more helpful ?

    But am not really a fitness freak 😀 Just excercise and a little of cycling is what I do. And I cant understand calories at all… 😛

    The shoes look killing and the mobile looks good too but I dont have a liking for flip ones…

  2. I like the OMX 70 and PMX 70 because you won’t need to worry about them coming off if you accidentaly pull the wire. But then again, if say the MX 70 does has a great fit, it’s more portable than the others.

    I used to exercise a lot, now I hardly have the time :/

  3. 3 Qwerty Maniac

    But it still hurts when the wire gets pulled, wireless should be made more common and cheaper, they are awesome!

    A 10 minute core workout consisting various ones is as good as a total workout too, I think 😀

  4. I am thinking to use working out as an excuse for getting these headphones…. 😈

    As suggested by Qwerty I would love if these were wireless.

  5. Wireless would be awesome, but I think the problem is not to make wireless headphones, but having mp3-players with bluetooth.

  6. 6 greenlightsabers

    i wish i had green headphones. :[ you’re lucky that you’re country has gyms popping up everywhere and everyone’s getting fit… hello Australian obesity!

  7. Wow , they will really come in use if you are into jogging or cycling.

  8. I got a pair of Sennheiser MX51 Street earbuds. They’re simply awesome.

  9. I ran across your site while just surfing around, wanted to say hi and I like the blog.

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