Hello Samsung Q40 (Pink News)


I’ve just discovered that Samsung sells laptops, and I really fancy the models in their Q-Series. They look fabulous and all seem very portable. Just look at the Q30 Plus which was named the world’s thinnest. The newest addition to this family is the Q40. I don’t know if the pink one is the default one, but that’s the one I want;

Samsung Pink Q40
(The pink matches my layout…)

+ It looks reallly good (it’s pink).
+ It weighs 1,15kg! That’s nothing!
+ 60 GB space and 512 MB RAM is sort of perfect for my use.
+ DVD burner, bluetooth, wireless, etc

– It’s waay too expensive (around £1300)
– Battery life is 3 hours and that kinda sucks (since I compare everything to Apple).
– I don’t think they’re selling Samsung laptops i Norway at all.



34 Responses to “Hello Samsung Q40 (Pink News)”

  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    Ah, an ultra mobile Lappie, will have drive problems 😉

    I’d go for a heavy Dell dual core and I need atleast 14″ 😀
    But you also have to see the upgradablity of a laptop while buying it, and samsung ones generally suck, they are hardly sold even here, well… overpriced for thier features. HP/Dell ftw :] [I know apple exists but… :P]

    Btw I noticed this at the PC World link
    “For only £14.99 our experts will transfer all your
    photos, videos and music files from your old PC or
    Laptop to your new one.”

    O_o 15 pounds for running File and Settings Transfer wizard? 😮

  2. Yeah, I saw that too. People are being scammed!
    Though some people are really bad at computer stuff and don’t have anybody to help them. For them £15 might be the alternative to accidentaly deleting all their files…

  3. OMG … a pink laptop???? gimme the candy/gel colours of the original imacs any day!

    i want a neon green apple laptop … a macbook pro … 17″ … neon green with black and perhaps some silver highlights here and there. oooo. shiny!

  4. Wow , that pink thing is defintely cute.
    The only thing disappointing me is the pathetic battery life…

  5. The Laptop looks are really good but pink will appeal more to the girls . The weight is also a plus point but since the battery life is too short , so no point in going for it .

  6. Pink????
    That means not for me but for Girls only.

  7. Hmm.. Pink I guess I remember seeing those red ferrari ones forgot by which company Dell??!! i dunno well pink looks cute but it looks too girlish best suited for you

  8. Acer makes the Ferrari ones. They are really expensive too, but more worth the price.
    Edit: And Asus have Lamborghini laptops 😀 They look dead awesome!

    Not that I don’t like you guys, because I do, but I need some female readers who will go “OMG, that’s so cool!!!11 LOLZ”… 😀

  9. 9 Qwerty Maniac

    Lol, I hope you get an oppurtunity to post in one of those top girly tech sites then, continue the good work (The last post was a good, detailed one in fact) and I hope you will get there and then you will get more of “OMG, that’s so cool!!!11 LOLZ” But I have also seen some crazy technology n those sites, so beware mwhahaha … lol.

  10. Naah, I don’t want to write for other sites. I’m happy where I am. Besides, I know very little about tech stuff really. I just pretend to understand it 😛

  11. 11 Qwerty Maniac

    Lol ok then, continue so that this becomes one? 😛 Ok, I agree you need more girl commenters… after all the pink was made for that I guess 😛

    There must be some female part of Digg maybe? 😛

    Ack, I used too many :P’s

  12. OK , Tina this one’s for you… My cousin sister says.. “Wow , that is so cool… ” , and then goes on talking about pink and girl stuff.

  13. Aw thanks teen! That really made my day 😀

  14. Chicks would surely love to buy this notebook (because its pink), but I am happy with my HP Pavillion Notebook

  15. That has to be the cutest laptop I’ve seen. I want one now, haha. 😀

  16. Frankly speaking…desktops are the best.

  17. 17 Qwerty Maniac

    Naw Lappies are the pawnage now, but for the comfort of the keyboard. I’d love to think of carrying a comp around with me… and am not a gamer. 😉

  18. Oh and Tina , about your comment on my blog…
    I talked , just talked… What do you expect me to do ? Just grab her and kiss her or something..?

  19. reply to your comment : Not at the spot but later , like the next day and later during that day… Yes , I did talk.

  20. 20 Qwerty Maniac

    Hmm, found this on random but I bet you’ve already seen it 😛

  21. Yeah, I saw it yesterday and was planning in doing a blog on it. But then I had to go do homework. It’s extremely cheesy though, and I don’t like it. People who buy that must have too much money and a desire to only play Sims 2, DDR and SingStar on it.

  22. lol , why do I seem to get neglected always…

  23. i didn’t neglect you! i just didn’t have anything more to add :p how are you?

    qwerty: look at this! enough already… *lol*

  24. 24 Qwerty Maniac

    /me wonders if green exists too… toxic green *yum* or orange… or purple… oh crap leave it… but I dont like the new Xbox 360 white, the old black and neon green was great… cause it was… green 😀

  25. White and Blue would be great combo. White and green… crap

  26. 26 Qwerty Maniac

    Lol looks like the Scrabble has been pinked for the first time too 😆

  27. 27 A Real Man!

    I don’t know who worte the product description but the battery life is, according to Samsung, 9 hours (not 3 😐 ) and therefore puts this little notebook in front of all others – both on weight (where it is about half anything apple have to offer!) and on battery life – (about 10% better than Vaio).
    Although I’m not worried about my masculinity 🙂 (!), and I would rather have it in dark green or charcoal grey, I shall buy it anyway because it is the best small all rounder – unless you know otherwise(?!)…

  28. Real Man: I think the Q40 comes in red and white as well and that has got to be better than pink 😀 Battery life depends on what specifications you have I think. Cause some places I saw it said that there were 3 cell batteries, while other places (like at pixmania) they said there were both a 3 and a 6 cell battery. Good luck on making your descision!

  29. 29 lin

    i love this laptop 🙂
    my dad will buy it for me, i’m so happy!
    btw, it comes in other colours 2, white, black, red… so it’s not too girlish at all!

  30. You’re so lucky lin! I would love to have this laptop! 🙂

  31. 31 Dilara

    Mum wantz 2 buy me 1 of those but Im not so sure if its sold here or not 😦

  32. 32 Jordan Gadd

    Hiya, My Name Is Jordan Gadd
    I’m Really Gay. I Have a Pink Playstaion. Because I Wanna Be A Girl.

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