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Next year I’m planning on going to one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I’m not sure who I’m going with yet, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have my best friend with me. When we get there, we’re going to sleep in tents. Now setting up a tent isn’t that hard, but females arn’t exactly expert at these sort of things. No need to worry, I’ve found the perfect tent for us to bring; The tent that pitches itself.

How it works (ideally)

All you have to do to put it together is unclip it, throw it in the air and it will assemble itself. I just think this is brilliant. It’s also easy to fold back so when we’re not in the camping area, we can just easily fold it and put it back into our car.

There’s a series of these Quechua SECONDS tents, but the keywords that apply to all of them are: light, waterproof, 15 seconds to pitch and of course, easy to use. If you ask me, they are pretty inexpensive as well with prices between £35 and £50.

For more info go to Gizmag’s article or the Quechua Seconds tents product page.


17 Responses to “Camping complement”

  1. Happy Tenting… 😀 The throw it in the concept is very good…

  2. 2 Qwerty Maniac

    Thats an easy product, helpful 😀

    I have seen foldable hats functioning the same unfold and shoot-open way, just steer clear as it unfolds 😛

  3. Great product …Just 15 seconds and the tent is ready .

  4. Jeez…self adjusting tents….! What next..? Self – cooking sausages…?
    But this is cool……….

  5. 5 Lula

    Oh my, I want one of these babies for my festivals too! Any idea where to buy one that ships to England?

  6. I did some googling and found these two sites:
    1. Official site I think. Has a store locator so you can see if there’s a store that sells them near where you live.

  7. Ooooh I love tents, I wanna read a “how2 build a tent when you get back home’

    Wish I was there….

  8. 8 greenlightsabers

    OMG I KNOW THAT FESTIVAL! The Dresden Dolls played there once. 😀 Anyway, have fun there, music festivals are awesome. Heaps of druggos and plenty of alcohol. It’s definitely not for the soft-hearted. You have to be obnoxious to get through one of those. Push your way through to the mosh pit! Awesome tent by the way. I wish I was a tent now. 😦

  9. 9 Qwerty Maniac

    You wish you were a tent? Hehe…

  10. *lol* I didn’t quite get that either, but I think he wants to be a tent so that he can go on the festival with me! But if you have the money you can go and we could meet 😀 “Indian wordpress bloggers+1 vietnamese girl from Norway” meet-up! That could be fun.
    And don’t worry, I’m going to be a very experienced drinker by then.

  11. 11 greenlightsabers

    Lolz I’m a “she.” 😛 Actually, once my friends went to this festival called “Splendour in the Grass” and she once woke up with this fat guy poking her boob, no joke. *ph34r* But don’t let all this get to you. The atmosphere is always awesome in places like this.

  12. Oops sorry! I know about the weird people, but I’m kinda looking forward to experiencing all this craziness!

  13. 13 tekoda

    I love your blog!!!!
    I never saw such a cool theme, it’s very modern and so cool!
    I really hope I’ll link you to my blog some time 🙂
    keep up the good work! love it ox

  14. Very nice!, hey i’m Hugo from Santa Cruz – Bolivia, so i’m sorry about my english, do you know that the “Quechua”… really it’s a language from my country… so thats why i’m reading this post… nice!.
    You can visit my blog… well my official blog at: you can see there an english version, talk to you later.

  15. Hey Hugo! That’s so cool that Quechua is a language. I didn’t know that.
    Btw, I think your English is really good 😀

  16. Whoa! Thats a cool tent. Pretty useful if you ask me. Now we can save time while going for camping and use that time for perhaps fishing? exploring? or something else >:) … 😀

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