Getting a laptop


Look at what I’m gettin! It’s a HP Pavilion dv2017 and it hasn’t even hit the stores yet.

HP Pavilion dv2017

For a couple of months now I’ve been pondering over what kind of laptop I should get; a Mac or a PC? After loads of back and forward, pros and cons lists, I had to realise that the only positive thing about a Mac was that it looked prettier and that it had a better battery life. For me, looks is important but not a deciding factor. With a PC I could get 1024Mb of RAM for $1250, while with a Mac I could only get 512Mb RAM for $1500.

So I ended up with this HP Pavilion notebook. I don’t think that the version I’m getting is available all over the world. If it is, then it goes under another name. It’s a part of the dv2000 series, and here are some specs that made me like it:

  • 100GB Hardisk
  • 1024MB RAM
  • Integrated webcam (…)
  • HP QuickPlay: watch movies and listen to music without booting up
  • 2.4kg and 14.1″ screen – not too big, not too small

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the shops. Earliest date is 30th of September!

By the way, I’m not dead, I’m just really busy with school. I’m starting to have second thoughts about this blog, but I can’t get rid of it since it’s the only place where I can ramble on about my tech obsession!…


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  1. 1 Qwerty Maniac

    Now this is awesomeness, thou are a total geek, cause you’re giving looks a backseat over features 😛

    1 GB RAM O_O, Me still deciding upon a desktop upgrade or a laptop, cause this Intel Quadro processor is spinning my mind bad 😦

    But currently, yeah, Core Duo proccies ftw!

    [I used those angled brackets in the last comment and they didnt show up, silly me… sorry]

  2. Seems like a good laptop. 🙂 I would have taken more specs too than a pretty cover. 😉

  3. I recently bought a HP Pavillion dv5000, it doesn’t have a intergrated webcam, but it has rest of them + a Widescreen Display to please my eyes 😉

  4. @Thilak: I commented on the second picture 😀
    @Qwerty: When Vista comes, I might upgrade it to 2GB RAM. My uncle says that I “need” it… I just do whatever he tells me to 😛
    (I deleted your first comment. Why not use normal brackets, man? *lol* )

  5. Hi tina, I use an HP laptop too, it’s the older zt3000 series, but still runs great, Centino all the way!

    You choose a great looking model too, congrats.

  6. Yeah, correct, Vista will run uber 100% on 2 Gig of RAM. But how much is the max of the lappy? 4?

    I used those angled brackets as a symbol of [less than] actually, didnt appear 😛

  7. Hi Tina its nice to see you after a long time. Well it is good to hear that you are getting a laptop and its looks are also good. I suggest you buy a laptop with Core 2 Duo processor (merom core) as they support 64bit extensions, that way you are more future proof if 64bit apps start kicking off.

  8. @qwerty: It can only go up to 2GB, so lets hope that’s enough.
    @Shivaranjan: The processor on this laptop is a Intel Core Duo, and I think that’s good enough for my use.

  9. You’re gonna game on it? 😛

  10. Nope, I don’t play games. Maybe Sims 2, but I don’t really have time to play.

  11. I meant Core 2 Duo the successor to Core Duo. Core Duo is yonah core which does not support 64bit computing. 😛

  12. 32 bit computing’s gonna be as safe as C will be for the next 2 years. Not really a great thing to worry about but if you ‘can’, get a 64 bit proccy.

  13. Well Qwerty, My Laptop has a sticker “Vista Ready”

    Its clearly visible on this picture

  14. Damn !! I forgot to say:

    I think 1Gb is enough at the moment and I ain’t going to upgrade my laptop to Vista, even if the final version of vista is out..

    I don’t think I need it.. do you ?

  15. Laptops…haven’t given them much though. By the way Tina , if u want an invitation to Orkut just ask.

  16. I got an invite from Thilak.

    Thilak: Thank you! 😀 And yeah, I don’t think I’ll need it at once, but I’m going to upgrade because it’s nice to have the newest stuff because they offer more functionality.

  17. 18 Qwerty Maniac

    Too bad if you dont have time Tina, cause Linux is great as well, no longer those ‘geeks only’ labelled OS. 😛

  18. 19 Serenity

    I just had to give back my HP nx6000 to my old employer – screen was awesome (1600×1200) Would be interested to hear if Screen is any good on the 2017.

    Dropped the nx6000 serval times and it had several cracks but still ran perfect. Good build quality.

  19. Here is the review of the laptop which you are planning to buy. 🙂

  20. Thanks! I ordered it yesterday, so I’m expecting to get it on Tuesday. I’m so excited!! 😀 The pictures doesn’t do it justice because it looks so much better in real life.

  21. Even I have ordered an Dell Inspiron 6400 with Core 2 Duo, but my laptop will come only next week. Hope you will be more active after you get your laptop. 🙂

  22. Cool! I already have a stationary PC, so I doubt I’ll be any more active just because I’m getting a laptop. The reason why I don”t blog or comment that often is because I’m doing school stuff. 😕

  23. Whoa, whoa hold your horses! THAT is a VERY nice laptop! BUT I don’t quit understand the comment about macs. (I don’t have one, but I’m quite the Apple fanboy :)) That is not the only thing. Can you say “No viruses or spyware?”

  24. I meant that for me the only advantage with a mac is the design and battery because I don’t need the other extra features it offers. I’m a very careful online so I’m not that troubled with viruses and spyware either.

  25. Has your laptop been delivered?
    I got my Dell Inspiron and it is awesome. 😀

  26. Yes, it has, and it’s awesome to 😀 I’m using it right now.

  27. 28 laosboyme

    If i could only have that 😦

  28. ohh, I am so late, just found your blog today.. so thought i would post a comment to this topic.
    I bought HP dv6183.

    15.4” wide screen. (looks small enough still)
    1024mb ddr2 ram
    100gb HDD
    256mb ddr3 graphics card (NVIDIA GEFORCE GO 7400)
    Touch sensitive buttons for media play
    Oh yeh, it got a cam too, and mic

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