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Why do I like piggy banks? 1. They are adorable! 2. It’s fun to put money into the small slots. 3. Piggy banks make me happy because I have such nice memories from the time when they were popular. Since my piggy bank is long lost (I have a piggy bank shaped as a house […]

The third and last part of my “Gift tips” series is has a “miscellaneous” theme. The gadgets are still pink, but since I couldn’t find anything in common about them and the other stuff, I just made a seperate category. The Tivoli “PALĀ® Radio in Pink” radio works great as a travel radio. It’s small […]

So here’s part two of my series of Christmas gift tips. There’s still a lot of pink, but this time it’s not a music pack, but a gaming pack. You know, girls like computers and video games too! The only game I’ve put up, is The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, but I could have added […]

Prepare yourself for a lot of pink. I’ve made a long list of pink gadgets that a girl might want for Christmas. Prices range from $30 to $400. I’ve divided the lists into three parts because otherwise the posts would be too long. If you’re buying a present for a girl who likes pink and […]