Gift tips – part 2


So here’s part two of my series of Christmas gift tips. There’s still a lot of pink, but this time it’s not a music pack, but a gaming pack. You know, girls like computers and video games too!

Pink gaming gadgets

The only game I’ve put up, is The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, but I could have added all the other extensions as well as games like Dance Dance Revolution and SingStar.

You can play these games on a Playstation 2, and probably a Playstation 3 as well. Getting a PS2 might seem a bit stupid now that the PS3 is out. However, if you don’t think it’s that important to have the latest features in your PS and you like pink stuff, getting a pink PS2 wouldn’t be that stupid. In fact, it’s probably cheaper than the PS3 even!

Another pink object in the Playstation family, is the Playstation Portable. Two of my cousins have one of these each (in black though), and they’re really cool. The screen looks great, it has wi-fi and with this thing, you don’t really need an iPod as it can play both music and movies.

An alternative to the PSP, is the Nintendo DS Lite. The PSP is great, but many people think that game-wise the Nintendo DS Lite has more to offer (*cough* Super Mario rocks *cough*). DS Lite also looks great, has two screens and my favourite browser installed (Opera, duh!).

Btw, I just got my laptop back as I was writing this entry. Yay! Finally 😀


3 Responses to “Gift tips – part 2”

  1. Hi, I saw your blog at Sonific SongSpot feature post.
    I have a blog about many things, but in brazilian portugues.
    Anyway take a look.

  2. Me, too. I’ve installed Sonific on my site. It’s beautiful!


    Shirley Buxton

  3. Fellow geek girl blogger..oh and did I mention fanatic gamer? Found your site when I was searching for images of girls on computers. *shrugs* Not sure how this post relates but here I am and I wanted to say hello and invite you to visit my blog as well.

    I have all three..the Nintendo DS Lite in Pink and I have a black *boo* PS3 but a pink one would be so sweet! If I could of I would of. I’ve never seen a ps2 in the stores. 😦 I guess you have to buy one online?..
    I have a PSP in black…it was a package deal the white one was more expensive and they didn’t have a pink one.

    I’m currently playing Rouge Galaxy on PS3 but it’s actually a PS2 game. Very fun RPG. I just beat Mass Effect on Xbox 360 and it has my vote for game of the year! It kicked serious butt and I was really bummed out when it ended.

    Come visit me! Take care!


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