Gift tips – part 3


The third and last part of my “Gift tips” series is has a “miscellaneous” theme. The gadgets are still pink, but since I couldn’t find anything in common about them and the other stuff, I just made a seperate category.

Pink misc gagdets

The Tivoli “PAL® Radio in Pink” radio works great as a travel radio. It’s small and light, the sound quality is great and you can hook it up to your mp3 player. It’s battery life can be up to 16 hours depending on volume level. I think this is a perfect travel companion, allthough I wouldn’t mind it just being in my room… It comes in many different colours. My favourite is the lime green one.

A digital camera has become a must-have. So if you know a girl who doesn’t have one yet, you might consider buying her the Sony Cybershot T10 that has a 7.2 Megapixels! The pink version looks sweet (but not childish) and sophisticated, if you ask me.

Last out are the cellphones. While looking for a new cellphone for myself, I got so fascinated with cellphones that I constantly have a cellphone on my mind that I want to blog about. Like with the Sony Ericsson Z610; when it first came out, I almost made an entry about it (but instead it stayed in my drafts) and was crazy about the looks. Now all I see is the possibility of getting fingerprints on the phone. But it does look quite fancy.

Another cute pink phone is the Nokia 6111. My friend has one of these in black, and she likes it very much. If you didn’t like any of the cellphones I mentioned, don’t worry, there are loads of pink cellphones in all price ranges.


6 Responses to “Gift tips – part 3”

  1. The camera’s pink is cute, mild and nice to look at. Now, who is my girl? *looks around* sigh… >_>

  2. Not sure I’d ever buy a sony camera again…

    Megapixels are irrelevant unless you need to do printing work anyway, in which case you’d be carrying a digital SLR in your bag, not a small compact camera :i

  3. One of the main points of this blog is to promote consumerism. So looks and feel trumps quality. But besides that, I agree 😀

    Harsh J: What? Did I ever promise you a girl? 😛

  4. wow never knew so many things are available in pink …

  5. I’d rather go for the camera….

  6. You should have 😛

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