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Laptop sleeves


This entry is about laptop sleeves. They have gotten rather popular lately and I have one myself because it’s so practical. I don’t need the bigger laptop bags with handles on because I just want to have the laptop in my backpack anyway. While I have an Incase Burgundy Neoprene Sleeve for my laptop, there […]

Surpass Hosting are having this great promotion where you can get any shared hosting plan for $1 for one year! I’m seriously considering to get it, but then again I really like having a blog here at as well. If I were to move my blog, I’d have to get a domain, and right […]

I haven’t mention yet how awesome I think the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle is and it has already gotten even more awesome. It’s now available in pink, green, blue, orange (!) and the grey which was the orignal, while the price and specs are still the same. Now wouldn’t this have been the perfect Christmas […]