Shuffle in colours


I haven’t mention yet how awesome I think the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle is and it has already gotten even more awesome. It’s now available in pink, green, blue, orange (!) and the grey which was the orignal, while the price and specs are still the same.

iPod Shuffle

Now wouldn’t this have been the perfect Christmas present?


5 Responses to “Shuffle in colours”

  1. Attractive but no screen, no deal. That’s IMO 😛

  2. Why would you need to have a screen if the songs are randomly played anyway? If I was a bit more loaded, I’d buy one so that I could use it while working out or something (but that would require me to work out…).

  3. Lol, I don’t wish it to be random. 🙂

  4. uhh… I never liked Shuffle the same reason QM didn’t I always need to know what songs I listen.

  5. Hey Really Cool!
    I am thinkin of buyin 1 soon.

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