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Surpass Hosting are having this great promotion where you can get any shared hosting plan for $1 for one year! I’m seriously considering to get it, but then again I really like having a blog here at as well. If I were to move my blog, I’d have to get a domain, and right now I have no idea what that would be. Or I used to have a domain called for this blog, but I’m open to suggestions from you guys.

Surpass Hosting's One Love promotion

Surpass Hosting’s promotion is really jaw dropping. I thought their previous prices were low (200GB space and 2000GB bandwidth for $60 a year), but now you can get any plan for for $1 for one year! Yes, I know I’m repeating myself here, but it is quite amazing. You can get 200GB space and 2000GB bandwidth for $1 a year, or 800GB space and 6000GB bandwidth for the same price! As far as I know, this does not include a domain name.


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  1. If you ask me, if you dont wish power of customizing stuff on your blog much, a account is just fine… still, IIRC they have a domain name system I guess you can use to point your domain to here. Not sure. But I’d go for total customization anyday, gives me some web dev experience 😛

    Also… Do read up on the terms and conditions heh… Also, look out for Cpanel and stuff that make hosting and setting things up easier 🙂

  2. How about pinktech[dot]com ?

  3. yeah as QM said Cpanel is indeed a must.

    Other than that having ur own hosting is great and with your own domain

  4. Oh and btw, dont worry, we’ll help you launch your domain off quick heh… 🙂

  5. I have owned a domain before, and believe it or not, cPanel is not a must have. I just need a simple control panel. Surpass does have cPanel and Fantastico though, so no worries.

    I think I’m going to buy it no matter what because it’s too cheap not to, but the problem lies in what to do with it? Have a personal website or move this blog? Maybe I could buy two domains and do both 😛 Heh… But this blog is doing pretty good here…. Urghh!!!

    Rohit: I like the suggestion! It’d have to be a .org domain though since I can get it cheaper with a promotion code.

  6. Hey Tina, would recommend you to be WordPress. The comfort and easiness you get with is great. We get all the features that hosted blogs get except one or two here and there. Probably a domain alone would do… If you can get a .net domain, that would take the cake. WordPress does support domains, so yeah!

    And girlytech sounds great.!

  7. I vote for moving the site to the new host. but be aware not to fall into any trap of Surpass Hosting. If you’re about to get your own site compare others hosting providers and plans before falling into any special promotion. Any techie name for the domain would be great 🙂

  8. is fine. I like customizing stuff…so i use .org. i regret ever buying a domain, coz i t turned out to be a bit costly, and i am getting a lot of downtime, due to unreliable hosts

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