Laptop sleeves


This entry is about laptop sleeves. They have gotten rather popular lately and I have one myself because it’s so practical. I don’t need the bigger laptop bags with handles on because I just want to have the laptop in my backpack anyway.

While I have an Incase Burgundy Neoprene Sleeve for my laptop, there are several nice laptop skins out there that might suit you better. Incase make many simple and high quality sleeves that you should check out.

An alternative to the Incase sleeves are be.ez’es LArobe sleeves. They are not that expensive either and I like them more becaue the colours are fresher. It should be noted that both the LArobe and Incase sleeves are custom designed for iBooks, Powerbooks and Macbooks (Pro), so if you’re laptop is a bit bigger, you might have to go up a size.

be.ez LArobe

Ollie & Nic make loads of fun and cute bags and accessories for both men and women (though mainly for women). So when they made Gladys Laptop Case, it also turned out fun and cute of course. The only bad thing I’ve got to say about it is that it only comes in one size which should exactly fit a 15″ laptop.

Gladys Laptop Case

Three more sleeves to ckeck out: here, here and here.

By the way, I’m not going to buy a domain for this blog, but I did buy one for a blog that my friend and I are starting. And I didn’t buy the package from Surpass either, but from since they gave me a pretty sweet deal.


4 Responses to “Laptop sleeves”

  1. Wow, they do look pretty slick! The blue one rules.

  2. 2 Harsh

    Congrats on the new domain! Let us know when it goes up? šŸ˜›

  3. 3 Tina

    Thanks! It’s a Norwegian blog, so you won’t understand a thing. But I’ll let you know šŸ˜€

  4. Tina,
    Great topic. Have you seen Mobile Edge laptop sleeves? They are slick because they are made of 5 mil neoprene material with a MicorFiber liner. They also have an outside zippered pocket so you can carry your power supply and accessories. Check us out. We also have a huge collection of stylish laptop bags designed for women by women. Here is our product page for the SlipSuit notebook sleeves, click on the link


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