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The iPhone hasn’t even hit the stores yet, and it has already received tons and tons of publicity. It’s time for me to jump on the bandwagon in my search for an iPhone alternative. There are a couple of things identifying the iPhone, so what I will be looking at is how a couple of cellphones compares and if they can offer the same. Do they have a…:
media player? iPhone is also a wide-screen iPod so it offers the same functions as iPods.
photo album and camera? It has a 2MP camera which takes pictures and records videos. It also has a photo browser and editor.
breakthrough internet device? It uses an HTML Safari browser, has email and instant messaging.
touch screen? The iPhone uses a multitouch technology and has a 3.5 inches screen (320×480 pixels) with 16M colours.

LG KE850 Prada $800+
This stunning Prada phone cought loads of media attention in the time right after the release of the iPhone because of their remarkable resemblance in design. LG was first out with their phone as it had already won a International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007 earlier in 2006.

LG KE850 Prada

Media player: Audio – MP3/ACC/ACC+/WMA/RA. Video – MPEG4/H.263/H.264. 256MB MicroSD card follows, expandable to 2GB as of now.
Photo Album and camera: 2MP camera, pictures + videos. Has a photo album.
Internet devices: EDGE, xHTML browser, email
Touch screen: TFT touchscreen with 256K colours. 3 inches screen size, 240×400 pixels.
Other: Document reader, FM radio, battery life ~3h (iPhone ~5h). The iPhone is a step ahead KE850 in some areas, but they are mostly similar.

Samsung F700

Samsung F700

Media player: Audio – MP3/AAC/AAC+ player. Video – H.264/H.263/MPEG4 player. MicroSD (unkown how much follows).
Photo Album and camera: 5MP camera (auto focus) + 3G camera, pictures + video. Don’t know about album.
Internet devices: 3G (HSDPA), EDGE, xHTML browser, email, IM
Touch screen: TFT touchscreen with 256K colours + QWERTY slide out keyboard. 2.78 inches screen size, 240×440 pixels.
Other: In my opinion, this is a great alternative to the iPhone, but it’s about personal preferences when choosing between the iPhone and F700. If you want a good camera and prefer a QWERTY keyboard, then you’ll go for this one, while if you like widgets and want a phone with an iPod, the iPhone will suit you better.

Neonode N2
The Neonode has used iPhone’s much popular “touch-scrolling” function for years. Neonode is a rather small Swedish cellphone company which is now very up and coming. In addition to releasing this phone which has been called “the iPhone mini”, their new CEO was formerly the CEO of Sony Sweden.

Neonode N2

Media player: Audio – MP3/WMA/WAV. Video – MPEG/WMV. MiniSD (unkown how much follows).
Photo Album and camera: 2MP camera, pictures + video. Has a filemanager.
Internet devices: xHTML browser
Touch screen: TFT touchscreen with 65K colours. 2 inches screen size, 176×220 pixels.
Other: Specswise the N2 is probably the worst out of all 4 cellphones. But I think it targets a younger group than the other phones by being simpler. Even though it’s the worst compared to the other phones, it might be very good for someone who doesn’t need that many functions in their cellphone, but just wants a phone that looks unique.

Even though the iPhone has been much praised, you can see that there are many good alternatives that can compete with it. I think that Samsung F700 is the strongest candidate because it has many things that people are missing from the iPhone: 3G, document viewer, QWERTY keyboard and a better camera. So it’ll be exciting to see if iPhone will create a positive shift in demand of smartphones and if it is able to compete in the cellphone market!


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  1. I am so glad you posted this. I have been eyeing the Prada phone over the iPhone option.

  2. Perfect 😉 ..

  3. 3 teen

    hey tina , long time no see eh ?
    The iPhone is prolly one of the most anticipated products of 2k7 , there’s no doubt abt it.

  4. 4 Tina

    Yup, very long time no see 😛
    What I’m trying to say with this post I guess is that 70% of why it’s so highly anticipated is because of the hype and brand name, while 30% is because of the actual phone/ipod/breakthrough internet device… Heh

  5. Wow…Nice list of alternatives. The Samsung F700 looks really nice! But I wonder what Nokia is going to do about the iPhone. Surely they are not going to just sit around and watch Apple rule the mobile world.

  6. 1 Month Anniversary! 😛

  7. The only thing I could suggest is give the modules a LITTLE bit more contrast from the rest of the page ZaLim…

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    wan tu tri forooo 😀

  9. very nice analysis, thanks very much


  10. 10 joe

    dont be an ignorant ass… Unscratchable screen and awesome on screen dialing… Got anything better than a crap $800 fashion phone?

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