Instant Polaroid cameras


I recently got some money into my Paypal account and decided to go on Ebay UK and buy something. I’ve been browsing the site for a couple of weeks now, looking for something interesting and bidding on random auctions which I ended up losing. I’ve discovered that if I’m ever in need of some money, I could sell parts of my stamp collection as people seem to be interested in that.

One day I decided that the perfect thing to buy on eBay would be a Polaroid camera. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while now, so the search began. But sadly my luck in winning auctions is apparently non-existent, so I gave up pretty quickly and spent the money on buying a CD instead…

Polaroid One600 This is the Polaroid One600, and it’s the only instant Polaroid camera that I know of that can be bought where I live. The thing about Polaroids is that the cameras are not that expensive themselves, this one is only $34.99 at Amazon, but a pack of 20 films generally costs around $20.

After a while I reckon it would be more profitable to just stick with your digital camera and give your pictures the polaroid-look by using the Hockneyizer:

Polaroid made using the Hockneyizer


3 Responses to “Instant Polaroid cameras”

  1. Hey, my sister’s got a Polaroid camera. It’s one of those older versions, but the film for it is very expensive.

  2. 2 shannan!

    hey, i really like this blue polariod camera, it rocks! i do want one for my birthday, so if you can, do you know where they sell them in australia, preferably nth qld… 🙂

  3. 3 elise

    hey, i really like this polaroid camera! i’ve always wanted one, i finaly found one that i really like and i was wondering if you knew any places that sell them online? [not too expesive]

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