BlackBerry Curve… Finally!


Blackberry 8300 CurveNo, not finally is the BlackBerry Curve here, but FINALLY I can blog about John Mayer without feeling guilty about it. But first I should talk a bit about the smartphone, I guess. Blackberry 8300 Curve is a phone that has both the beauty and the brains. So it’s a work-phone, but it doesn’t look like one, and it can do much more than just get you through a day at work. On Curve’s website it says that it’s the smallest BlackBerry ever to have a full QWERTY keyboard. In this small thing, you will not find 3G or a video camera, but there will be many other media features such as a media player, 2MP flash camera, EDGE, stereo Bluetooth and a microSD-card slot.

Wow, the phone really does sound awesome when you combine all those features. However, I’m not that interested in it since it will be too expensive for me, and I don’t really need all those features anyway. I’m happy with my little SE Z550i…

So back to the real reason why I’m blogging about 8300 Curve – it’s an excuse to talk about my favourite artist, John Mayer. John has mentioned several times that he’s a devoted Blackberry user (and an Apple lover, but that’s another story), so it was no big surprise when Blackberry was announced as the sponsor of John’s summer tour this year across the US.

John Mayer holding Blackberry Curve

In addition to sponsoring the tour, the folks over at Blackberry have also set up a website for him with tour dates, pictures and a video clip where John talks about his tour and what his Blackberry means to him.



9 Responses to “BlackBerry Curve… Finally!”

  1. Wow slim,feature rich but no 3G and video camera? Now thats not a deal I would expect from Blackberry. They seem to going like Apple. You might have heard after all these hypes about iPhone, it doesn’t support flash, MMS, 3G and many such features a common s60 Nokia comes with. Sad thing.

    Anyways good to have you back to blogging šŸ˜€

  2. 2 Tina

    Yeah, 3G and video should be a standard for all phones these days, especially at that price range.
    I’m glad to be back blogging. I started this entry a week ago, but then I got a job and became exhausted by the end of each day.. *lol* But hopefully I can start blogging regurarly from now on. šŸ™‚

  3. 3 arvind1187

    wow..looks awsome..i would love to own that one..
    alas!!! no money šŸ™‚

  4. So that’s the first blackberry with me on it? šŸ˜€ Am honored šŸ˜›

  5. 5 Tina

    No, it’s actually the smallest blackberry with you on it. You’re on most blackberries. you’re quite the blackberry-whore… šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

  6. Oops I meant to write “the first smallest” šŸ˜³

  7. there is no 3G in china but only one company support the mobile servece ‘china mobile’, a bad company

  8. Where can I buy the hott boy? Do think I can get him with free shipping?


    Damn he is fine in that pic.


  9. 9 kebumen

    hello tina

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