Creative TravelSound 400


My latest gadget purchase is the Creative TravelSound 400. I bought it so that I have speakers for my iPod and my friends’ mp3-players when we’re going to a festival next week. Speaking of which, I’m leaving in 5 days and won’t be back untill July 9th.

Creative TravelSound 400

Since I’m not an audiophile, I’m pretty satisfied with these speakers. However, people with more sensitive ears than me, have mentioned that the sound isn’t the best when listening to music where there’s “a lot going on” like metal. Bob Dylan’s music on the other hand, sounds great using these speakers. Good thing I’d rather listen to folk than metal…

I had read up on the speakers before buying them, and one of the things that was mentioned in all of the reviews was how compact and portable TravelSound 400 was. Still I was shocked when I first saw it in the shop. It was tiny compared to how I expected it to be. Measurements are 15,7 x 4,1 x 7,1 cm to be exact. In addition to a stereo-to-stereo cable, you also get a cute travel pouch in the pack.

Besides the cute travel pouch and the size, I like that it is possible to rotate the speakers 180 degrees. TravelSound 400 is very simple. As you can see, it only has four buttons on the front: On/off, volume down, volume up and the wide stereo effect button. The last mentioned button is another thing I like about the speakers. When using this function, the sound becomes better and seems more spread out.

I recommend these speakers if you want something small, simple and last but not least, cheap. They cost $71.95 over at Amazon. Mine were actually cheaper, but if you combine shipping, the cost is about the same.


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  1. 1 teen

    Long time no see eh ? How are you doing Tina..

  2. Its nearing two months 😦

  3. 3 boom03

    Hello! I’m new of here! I have just visited this blog… I wish i could have that gadget in my room and thank you for the information………….
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  4. Creative TravelSound 400 ? wow…

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