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My latest gadget purchase is the Creative TravelSound 400. I bought it so that I have speakers for my iPod and my friends’ mp3-players when we’re going to a festival next week. Speaking of which, I’m leaving in 5 days and won’t be back untill July 9th. Since I’m not an audiophile, I’m pretty satisfied […]

No, not finally is the BlackBerry Curve here, but FINALLY I can blog about John Mayer without feeling guilty about it. But first I should talk a bit about the smartphone, I guess. Blackberry 8300 Curve is a phone that has both the beauty and the brains. So it’s a work-phone, but it doesn’t look […]

The iPhone hasn’t even hit the stores yet, and it has already received tons and tons of publicity. It’s time for me to jump on the bandwagon in my search for an iPhone alternative. There are a couple of things identifying the iPhone, so what I will be looking at is how a couple of […]

I haven’t mention yet how awesome I think the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle is and it has already gotten even more awesome. It’s now available in pink, green, blue, orange (!) and the grey which was the orignal, while the price and specs are still the same. Now wouldn’t this have been the perfect Christmas […]

(Damn it, that title is going to give me more spam.) First… Right now I’m in the process of applying to colleges and universities around the globe, and it’s so stressful. Some schools want me to write three essays! Like I don’t have enough homework. So I thought I could kick the new year off […]

Why do I like piggy banks? 1. They are adorable! 2. It’s fun to put money into the small slots. 3. Piggy banks make me happy because I have such nice memories from the time when they were popular. Since my piggy bank is long lost (I have a piggy bank shaped as a house […]

The third and last part of my “Gift tips” series is has a “miscellaneous” theme. The gadgets are still pink, but since I couldn’t find anything in common about them and the other stuff, I just made a seperate category. The Tivoli “PAL® Radio in Pink” radio works great as a travel radio. It’s small […]

So here’s part two of my series of Christmas gift tips. There’s still a lot of pink, but this time it’s not a music pack, but a gaming pack. You know, girls like computers and video games too! The only game I’ve put up, is The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, but I could have added […]

Prepare yourself for a lot of pink. I’ve made a long list of pink gadgets that a girl might want for Christmas. Prices range from $30 to $400. I’ve divided the lists into three parts because otherwise the posts would be too long. If you’re buying a present for a girl who likes pink and […]



As promised, here are some pictures of my laptop: I named it Stanislav after a dancer I saw on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Not because I liked the guy nor because he was a good dancer, but simply because he had a cool name and because Russian names rule. I have a quite […]