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Surpass Hosting are having this great promotion where you can get any shared hosting plan for $1 for one year! I’m seriously considering to get it, but then again I really like having a blog here at as well. If I were to move my blog, I’d have to get a domain, and right […]

One of my favourite things to do is listening to music. Another thing is discovering new artists. I used to discover new bands by listening to the radio, watching TV and receiving recommendations from my friends. Now a days I discover most bands online. Here’s a overview over my favourite sites. Some of them will […]



I’ve decided to add another category to my blog: “Customize”. It’s getting more and more popular to have unique gadgets these days, and there are loads of websites out there that are trying to meat the demands. You can find anything from flowery applience skins to fluffy iPod skins. Since I made the entry about […]

List craze


It is time for me to get off my lazy ass and update this blog! I’m going to try and get as much things done today as possible. I’ve already been to a meeting, shopping, and now I’m blogging which is the 3rd thing on my to-do list. Speaking lists, this entry is for all […]

The new MSN Messenger Live looks nice, but I don’t know if there’s anything more to it. Besides small bugs that botherd me in the 7.5 version being fixed, this one doesn’t really have that much new offer. Some of the things I do like though, is the ability to send and recieve messages even […]

I just discovered something that’s probably old news. Yahoo has made a Local Event Browser which I just love the idea of. Check it out here: The Event Browser queries Yahoo! Local Events via a map-driven experience leveraging the new Yahoo! Maps AJAX API. We’ll start you out in a map view of San […]