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You know how annoying it is when you’re browsing online and stumble upon webpages that are absolutely impossible to view because they’re designed for 800×600 screens and the Internet Explorer webbrowser? Lately though, I’ve noticed something that annoys me even more; website that are designed to only look good in one browser on purpose (usually […]

The new MSN Messenger Live looks nice, but I don’t know if there’s anything more to it. Besides small bugs that botherd me in the 7.5 version being fixed, this one doesn’t really have that much new offer. Some of the things I do like though, is the ability to send and recieve messages even […]

Today I’m going to share with ya’ll the music player that I like the best. It has everything I’m looking for in a player (minus one thing, but it ain’t its fault!); new songs are added automatically, awesome organisation, compalibility with MSN and, and it’s light and simple. The player I am talking about […]