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My latest gadget purchase is the Creative TravelSound 400. I bought it so that I have speakers for my iPod and my friends’ mp3-players when we’re going to a festival next week. Speaking of which, I’m leaving in 5 days and won’t be back untill July 9th. Since I’m not an audiophile, I’m pretty satisfied […]

The iPhone hasn’t even hit the stores yet, and it has already received tons and tons of publicity. It’s time for me to jump on the bandwagon in my search for an iPhone alternative. There are a couple of things identifying the iPhone, so what I will be looking at is how a couple of […]

As I’ve written in the “the girl” page, I learn new things about myself every day by taking various quizzes and tests online. Especially the IQ tests have boosted my confidence alot. In 2004 I took my first online IQ-test ever. This one was at, and it told me that my IQ was 130 […]

It’s about time that I start using this blog. First entry is about the delicious Creative Zen Neeon. It’s been on the market in Singapore for a while now, but the last time I checked, it was still incertain whether it’s ever going to be released in Europe. So sad. I’m finally ready for a […]