Why do I like piggy banks?
1. They are adorable!
2. It’s fun to put money into the small slots.
3. Piggy banks make me happy because I have such nice memories from the time when they were popular.

Since my piggy bank is long lost (I have a piggy bank shaped as a house now… Wtf?), I decided to go on a quest to find a Super Awesome Piggy Bank (SAPB).

The question that pops up is, what makes a piggy bank super awesome? How about making piggy banks in all types of colours and patterns? I guess that was what the creators of the Posh-Pig Piggy Banks were thinking when they made the “Lucky Pig”, “Trooper Pig” and many others.
Posh-Pig Piggy Banks
I think they look quite awesome. I especially like the boxes they come in.

Pig E BankIn fear of that this entry wouldn’t have anything to do with technology, I decided to add an electronic piggy bank, or the “Pig E Bank” as it’s called.

The LCD screen shows you how much money you have in the bank, but the Pig E Bank only reckognizes pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, so it goes without saying that you can only use it if you’re American. The pig has many different voices that say how much money you have, and to retrieve coins you press the nose. Fun!

The Pig E Bank has many cool features, but it takes away the fun of guessing how much money you got. I remember how I was always off on my guessings, thinking “this must at least be 1000kr” when it was in fact barely 100kr. The Pig E Bank would prevent me from guessing wrongly, but I don’t think I would want it to…

Mint CoinkThis piggy bank is a bit different than the traditional piggy bank because it doesn’t have the thin slot. Instead the Mint Coink has a funnel where you can but loads of coins in at once, as well as get them out. “Innovative”, they call it, “taking away half the fun”, I call it! So like the Pig E Bank, the Mint Coink is not the SAPB (pronounced “zap-bee”).

Precious Moments Baby Bank PigThe final piggy bank is just a simple pink piggy bank called “Precious Moments Baby Bank Pig“. It doesn’t do anything special except look cute. This is still my favourite piggy bank though. I just prefer them simple.

In closing I want to say that piggy banks are a great way of saving money over a short time period. I also think that they rock, and I know that there are many other people who agree.


The third and last part of my “Gift tips” series is has a “miscellaneous” theme. The gadgets are still pink, but since I couldn’t find anything in common about them and the other stuff, I just made a seperate category.

Pink misc gagdets

The Tivoli “PAL® Radio in Pink” radio works great as a travel radio. It’s small and light, the sound quality is great and you can hook it up to your mp3 player. It’s battery life can be up to 16 hours depending on volume level. I think this is a perfect travel companion, allthough I wouldn’t mind it just being in my room… It comes in many different colours. My favourite is the lime green one.

A digital camera has become a must-have. So if you know a girl who doesn’t have one yet, you might consider buying her the Sony Cybershot T10 that has a 7.2 Megapixels! The pink version looks sweet (but not childish) and sophisticated, if you ask me.

Last out are the cellphones. While looking for a new cellphone for myself, I got so fascinated with cellphones that I constantly have a cellphone on my mind that I want to blog about. Like with the Sony Ericsson Z610; when it first came out, I almost made an entry about it (but instead it stayed in my drafts) and was crazy about the looks. Now all I see is the possibility of getting fingerprints on the phone. But it does look quite fancy.

Another cute pink phone is the Nokia 6111. My friend has one of these in black, and she likes it very much. If you didn’t like any of the cellphones I mentioned, don’t worry, there are loads of pink cellphones in all price ranges.

So here’s part two of my series of Christmas gift tips. There’s still a lot of pink, but this time it’s not a music pack, but a gaming pack. You know, girls like computers and video games too!

Pink gaming gadgets

The only game I’ve put up, is The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, but I could have added all the other extensions as well as games like Dance Dance Revolution and SingStar.

You can play these games on a Playstation 2, and probably a Playstation 3 as well. Getting a PS2 might seem a bit stupid now that the PS3 is out. However, if you don’t think it’s that important to have the latest features in your PS and you like pink stuff, getting a pink PS2 wouldn’t be that stupid. In fact, it’s probably cheaper than the PS3 even!

Another pink object in the Playstation family, is the Playstation Portable. Two of my cousins have one of these each (in black though), and they’re really cool. The screen looks great, it has wi-fi and with this thing, you don’t really need an iPod as it can play both music and movies.

An alternative to the PSP, is the Nintendo DS Lite. The PSP is great, but many people think that game-wise the Nintendo DS Lite has more to offer (*cough* Super Mario rocks *cough*). DS Lite also looks great, has two screens and my favourite browser installed (Opera, duh!).

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Prepare yourself for a lot of pink. I’ve made a long list of pink gadgets that a girl might want for Christmas. Prices range from $30 to $400. I’ve divided the lists into three parts because otherwise the posts would be too long.

Pink music gadgets
If you’re buying a present for a girl who likes pink and music, here are some tips for you. Apple’s iPods are usually winners on the “favourite Christmas presents”-list. So buying a pink 2nd generation Nano would in many cases be a safe choice. The Intempo IDS-01 Speakers are good and cheap (£29.99) complements to the Nano.

Some girls try very hard to not follow the mainstream so you should in which case not buy an iPod. Take a look at Creative’s players instead, like for instance the Creative Vision:M which has been rated even with the iPod 5G, and in some places, even higher!

Last up is the Sony lightweight, NWE003. This one has a very nice and clean design. Sony does actually have more pink mp3 players as well..

A common problem with mp3-players, is the earplugs that come with them. Sometimes they’re not the right size, other times it’s the sound quality. In addition to that, they can also be broken. I decided to change my earplugs with the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds, so I would like to recommend them.

One of my favourite things to do is listening to music. Another thing is discovering new artists. I used to discover new bands by listening to the radio, watching TV and receiving recommendations from my friends. Now a days I discover most bands online. Here’s a overview over my favourite sites. Some of them will probably be familiar to most of you, but others might not.

Site logos

Last.fm: I’ve been a member of Last.fm since it was Audioscrobbler.com, and I loved it since the first time I started using it. Originally Last.fm tracked songs you had listened to and made charts out of the information it gathered. Now it does so much more than that. You have Neighbourhood Radio where you can listen to the favourite songs of people who have similar music taste as you, there’s a Recommendation Radio where you listen to songs that have been recommended to you specifically or to the entire community, there are detailed artist information pages, communities, blogs, shoutboxes, tags and the list of features just continues. The site keeps improving all the time as well. If you like music, and you don’t have an account here, I’d say that you are missing out!

Pandora.com: Even though I despise anything that’s made in Flash, I can’t help but like Pandora. Pandora is a site where you can create a custom radio station based on similar artists of one or several artists you like. For example: I can create a radio station where I add Kanye West and Jay-Z as artists, the songs that come on when I listen to this radio station might be Kanye and Jay-Z, but it might be Common or some unknown hip-hop artists as well. The radios have a rating system so that you can give a song “thumbs down” if you’d rather not hear it again, or “thumbs up” if you like it.

Liveplasma: Type in the name of an artist that you like and a map of similar artists will appear. The more similar the artists are, the closer their names will be. If a band is very popular, it will be placed in a bigger bubble than a less popular band. If you click on the names of the similar artists, the map will change into a map for the new artist. The artist’ discography also shows up.

Music-Map: Same principle as that of Liveplasma, only simpler. When you click on the artist names you are taken to a new page with the discography and discussion area about the artist.

If you’re interested in discovering new bands, there is always MySpace, though I think most new bands there suck, and the community more so. I love the music that is being played on The O.C. so I always make sure to check out the bands that show up there. Another way to discover loads of new bands is by listening to podcasts. There are podcasts for all sorts of genres. Personally I like IndieFeed and Indie Anthems (because I like indie music…).

Do you have any sites you would like to add to my list?



As promised, here are some pictures of my laptop:

My Laptop 1
My Laptop 2 My Laptop 3

I named it Stanislav after a dancer I saw on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Not because I liked the guy nor because he was a good dancer, but simply because he had a cool name and because Russian names rule.

I have a quite sad story to tell. On Monday, 30th of October, the Stanislav’s monitor went black. He wasn’t even a month old, and already the monitor had stopped working. Bad luck, I guess. Luckily, the machine itself worked fine so I could still use it when I connected to it an external monitor. Stanislav is currently in repair on the other side of the country (actually, since I sent him on Friday, I guess he’s not there yet). They said it would take a maximum of 12 or 14 days to fix him. So hopefully, I’ll get him back soon because I do miss him dearly.

Red iPod Nano


I am currently very into the blogging with purpose thing, so this entry is about the new red iPod Nanos. Apple are releasing them together with Bono and Oprah, and for every red Nano sold, $10 will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

Bono and Oprah

It’s a 4GB Nano and it costs just as much as the other colours, $199. If I were getting a Nano, I’d definitely be getting this one because not only does it look good, it also supports a good cause. So I’m saying, good move Apple.

Red iPod Nano

To find out more about the iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition, go to its product page.

Next time, expect pictures of my new baby (aka laptop). I’ve had it for about a week now and it’s great! October is not only the month of my birthday, but I just realised the other day that this blog has been around for more than a year now! Time is moving really fast.

Pink month


Pink RibbonDid you know that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month? I felt like I should participate in making people more aware of the disease because so many people have it, yet not enough people are aware of the big possibility of getting it. So I’m wearing my pink breast cancer wristband this month, and I’m going to show you some fast facts I gathered from gurl.com (A site I used to visit frequently when I was younger…):

– After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women. An estimated 40,000 women will die from it this year.
– It’s a scary and serious disease–one that affects one in eight women over the course of their lifetime–but it is extremely rare among teenagers.
– Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.

If you want to help give more women the opportunity of getting treatment for breast cancer, you don’t necessarily need to just donate money. You can actually buy some pretty fancy stuff as well. Remember the post I had about blenders? The Kitchen Aid blender is a part of a big group of pink gadgets that you can buy to support the cause. Here are some others:

Ergo Ensis S laptop Victorinox pen knife
Mag-Lite Morphy Richards Pink Turbosteam Iron

[via Gadget Candy]

This is the cutest story ever. When a mom accidentaly left her computer without logging out of ebay, her three year old son managed somehow to click some on some buttons, hit “Buy Now” and buy a car. And it wasn’t just any car, the little bugger chose a really cute pink Nissan Figaro.

Pink Nissan Figaro

He has good taste! But I still can’t see how he could buy a car on ebay without even knowing how to read. I wonder if it was just a coincidence or if he had studied his mom… But I guess it’s true what they say about ebay; you can buy things making only a couple of clicks and practically anybody can do it!

Boy, three, buys car on internet

A three-year-old boy has used his mother’s computer to buy a £9,000 car on an internet auction site.

Jack Neal’s parents only discovered their son’s successful bid when they received a message from eBay about the Barbie pink Nissan Figaro.

Rachael Neal, 36, said her son was quite good at using the computer.

Mrs Neal, of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, said she had left her eBay password in her computer and her son had used the “buy it now” button.

She said: “Jack’s a whizz on the PC and just pressed all the right buttons.

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image provided courtesy of Autosupply (UK) Ltd http://www.AutoSupplyUK.com

Look at what I’m gettin! It’s a HP Pavilion dv2017 and it hasn’t even hit the stores yet.

HP Pavilion dv2017

For a couple of months now I’ve been pondering over what kind of laptop I should get; a Mac or a PC? After loads of back and forward, pros and cons lists, I had to realise that the only positive thing about a Mac was that it looked prettier and that it had a better battery life. For me, looks is important but not a deciding factor. With a PC I could get 1024Mb of RAM for $1250, while with a Mac I could only get 512Mb RAM for $1500.

So I ended up with this HP Pavilion notebook. I don’t think that the version I’m getting is available all over the world. If it is, then it goes under another name. It’s a part of the dv2000 series, and here are some specs that made me like it:

  • 100GB Hardisk
  • 1024MB RAM
  • Integrated webcam (…)
  • HP QuickPlay: watch movies and listen to music without booting up
  • 2.4kg and 14.1″ screen – not too big, not too small

Now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the shops. Earliest date is 30th of September!

By the way, I’m not dead, I’m just really busy with school. I’m starting to have second thoughts about this blog, but I can’t get rid of it since it’s the only place where I can ramble on about my tech obsession!…